Season 2024 - Melbourne

Can’t see it happening unless there’s a blanket “hit in the ribs you’re out” rule as there’s no on field test to reliably distinguish between bruised and broken ribs.


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they got one of those Dysons the can see microscopic dust

Seems like Petracca’s injuries were more severe than even the tertiary hospital assessment showed.
Would imagine he’s probably a write off for the season unless the Dees finish top 4 without him.

Wow, no good for Petracca

That’s Dees season done you’d think


Terrible injury, really feel for him, he’s a great player but it makes it a little easier for the Bombers come Round 18.

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Yeah that’s the end of the Dees being a threat in 2024. No Petracca and an unfit Oliver - Gawn is a colossus but he can’t carry them on his own.

So bad. Hearing Lloydy speak about his ruptured spleen in the 1996 PF was pretty scary and shows how serious an injury to that organ can be…


Damm all the best Trac


Was that the injury that also relegated Tayte Pears to a shadow of the player he was?

I think Tayte was a lacerated pancreas.


After the bad call to go back on field. This is a good call to write off 2024 and let his body heal.


Pears’ lasting problem was his hip, wasn’t it?

Maybe clubs should be cautious.


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I think this is a really complex one.

Most (I’ll guess >95%) rib injuries, be it bruising or breaks, in AFL do not also have internal injuries. If the player can manage the pain, they are fine to keep playing. It’s not like concussion where symptoms can be assessed on the spot. Immediate symptoms of these injuries aren’t going to be too different, if at all different, to those you’d expect from a big rib knock.

But I absolutely agree that you do not want players going back out there with injuries like Petracca had. I guess the good thing is that while he’ll miss some footy, he’ll also be ok and make a full recovery, and this conversation can be had without a really horrible outcome triggering it.

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Why don’t players wear spleen guards?

I am no doctor but watching Petracca on the field seemed to me like he was in lots of pain. He could not kick, only hand-balled and his opponents chose to not touch him.

Melbourne Doctor farked this one up badly.


Which is why they should be more conservative about it. There’s big money involved, but at the end of the day, it’s just a friggin game.