Season 2024 - St Kilda

Carnage at the saints:

  • Henry 6 weeks with what was first thought to be “hamstring tightness”
  • Wood 6 weeks broken collarbone
  • Max King suspended for a week for rough play

ST KILDA will be without spearhead Max King for next week’s clash against Essendon, with the 23-year-old picking up a one-match suspension for rough conduct in Thursday’s nights emphatic victory over Collingwood.

King collided with Magpie Finlay Macrae during the fourth quarter of the Saints’ 15-point win over the reigning premiers, with the Match Review Officer grading the high contact as medium impact and careless conduct.

Vision from the match provided by the AFL shows King’s raised forearm catching Macrae above the neck just after Macrae disposed of the ball.

King was instrumental in the Saints’ win, kicking three goals in the match. It’s his first suspension in his 73 career games.

St Kilda has until Monday to respond to the charge.

The Saints lost Mason Wood (broken collarbone, concussion) and Liam Henry (hamstring) to injuries against the Pies, with both expected to miss at least six weeks.

King’s teammate Jimmy Webster has five matches left of a seven-match suspension he received for a late, high hit on Jy Simpkin during the AAMI Community Series.

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That’s disappointing, it’s players like Henry that make watching non EFC games semi-interesting.

Saints are a system based team. They’ll cover him well enough.

Blitz would be absolutely frothing with excitement if we had a newly drafted 18 year old tall produce a VFL debut game like this.

Imagine we:

A) Had the balls to draft a kid with elite talent but a couple of discipline question marks.

B ) Draft a key position player who isn’t built like a toothpick.

I couldn’t remember the last time we would have had a key position draftee come in right away and produce anything like that at the level below. Hurley maybe.

And the Saints got him with pick 62!


Pretty good comparison given Hurley copped ■■■■ on here for several years for racking up meaningless possessions in losing games.

Impressive debut but he’s a rebounding defender who happens to be 194cm. Has a solid intercept game but not really a “Tall” as stated. He actually pushed up onto a wing last year too. Was a nice get for the saints late in the draft nonetheless.


ST KILDA player

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What a waste.

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I hate framing it as a waste. He is scum. There is more to life than football talent. The world would most likely be better off without him in it. Its not so much ‘what a waste’, as it is ‘what a shame’… what a shame he was ever brought into this world.

That sounds like an argument for capital punishment being advocated.

or prophylactics

Just lock the scumbag up and be done with it

Wasted talent. I used to love watching him play, but he’s only got himself to blame for why his career ran off the rails.

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Had an encounter with him at Billboard nightclub back in 2006 - a year after he burst onto the football scene.

An arrogant POS then who was up to no good (and this was during the actual season). A conflict from then on with wanting the team to win but wanting him to personally fail.

Sounds like he’s very much still a mess.

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While we are talking about Andy Lovett nightclub sightings, I remember seeing him at Eve Nightclub (no longer in existence) circa '08-'09. Seemed on pretty good terms with himself but can’t really add any more. That is all.


Wow. That brings back memories.

The dance floor was next level. Like one of those games you see in an arcade these days.

Ahh… to be young again.

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Haha yeah great description of the light up dancefloor they had there actually.

That era, 06-09, the staple would be to head out in a tightish white tee with some sort of flouro colouring on it thinking we were mad dogs. Cringe haha. But yep, good times, good times.


Yep. Very accurate.

And very embarrassing.