Season 2024 - the vainglorious Gold Coast

Desperate. But that being said, they could do us a real solid by being fired up and beating Port this week.


The vagaries that is Blitz…here we have Hardwick basically getting no credit for coaching Richmond to three flags…must have been all player driven!!!

Meanwhile over in the West Coast thread, all of their problems can be laid at the feet of Adam Simpson.

Why do we even have coaches apart from the apparent need to blame someone when something goes wrong?

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I always assumed it was the assistant coaches they brought in that helped Hardwick.

I remember when he was on the chopping block in 2016 and they decided to keep him and replace the assistant coaches.

Whilst they probably helped, I cannot get my head around the concept that the head coach (in this case Hardwick) was not calling the shots in terms of game style, selection, tactics etc.

If people are going to blame coaches for team’s failures, then they’re basically saying that the coach calls the shots…so it makes perfect sense that the coach then gets the plaudits when the team succeeds.

Anything else is just illogical (imo).


Head coaches get far too much credit and far too much blame.

Richmond supporters will tell you themselves, they wouldn’t have won ■■■■ without Dustin Martin.

The list is everything.

Always has been, always will be.

Dustin Martin was a major factor in Richmond’s recent golden period…but he was playing in a team that played a particular system that enabled him to do the things he did.

Dustin Martin did not develop that particular style (or any other game style of Richmond’s). That came from the coaches and Hardwick would have had the final say on what game plan was going to be implemented.

Head Coaches do not get enough credit…and too much of the blame.

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Yeah nah.

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Richmond built a team around Dusty.

Problem is he needs to do it before an away game.

They will go back go to Carrarra, get kissed on the proverbial by the umps playing at home and win well.

Only to get done yet again the week after when they hop on a plane and face a little adversity.

Wow…that’s some sort of revisionist history if ever I’ve seen it.

Richmond built a game style around their existing personnel…they lacked key forwards so they developed their chaos ball style of moving it forward at every opportunity.

That got them the flag in 2017.

After missing out in 2018 they got Lynch to further develop their attacking prowess…and that helped deliver 2019 and 2020…to help the team…not help Dustin Martin!

So I completely disagree with your premise.

But to be fair…have at me…please explain how Richmond built their team around Martin.