Season review so far

Well, rate and review the season.


I'd give us a 3, solely based on the first 3 games + playing alot of kids as well.


It seems that once we get worked out by the opposition we are unable to adapt or slow proeedings and get some momentum back. We looked great for 2.5 games at the start but have gone downhill from there. The Freo-saints-pies games really affected us (and Freo too who lost their next 2 games as well) but we got nothing back against Dogs and Lions.

We also have a dangerous stretch coming up after GWS where we play Dees-Crows(H)-Cats on consectutive 6-day breaks as well.



Zach Merrett looks a gun, as does Gleeson

JD with some support and decent supply will be a gun sooner rather than later. You can build a team around him, but you need the right supports.

The defence has been rock solid, only conceeded over 100 twice this year (Freo and Swans).

Hooker is going strength to strength and Hurley has been very good except for 1.5 games

Hepple has taken his game to another level in terms of clearances, tackles and blocking. Chasing and general foot skills have been average at best



- The midfield. Thought last year that the mids batted pretty deep but we seem to be lacking depth this year. Zaka and Melksham (especially the latter) have been passengers, Howlett has come on from last year. Goddard out for 3 weeks and also Myers out really hurt as they are the ones who can hit targets 40-50m away.

- Lack of plan B

- The forward line is a joke. Carlisle is out of sorts, we have no small forwards and Winders still can't string more than 2 games together.

- We heard for 2 weeks that when TBC comes back it will benefit Carlisle, yet when he comes back, Carlisle is the sub?????

- Myers has a sore hammy, just being cautious, misses 3 weeks

We are 4 W, 5 L so things could be a lot better. l rated us a 4 based mainly on the solid and consistent performance of our defence. 

Very disappointing.


If the ASADA thing ends we'll get to have a proper run at it hopefully.

The disappointing thing is that its such an open season. If we genuinely improve on last year, we are a shot..

Paddy becoming a mature, reliably good player instead of a few highlights each month is a definite, big positive.

The lack of cohesion as a 22 each week the current negative.


Our season so far has resulted in some damage at the scotty21 house:



The ‘it’s not going to be a gap year’ pretty quickly has become a gap year.



The 'it's not going to be a gap year' pretty quickly has become a gap year.

Or is it the year we had to have.
We were never going to come out of the blocks given the saga uncertainty and fatigue. Were blooding plenty of youngsters. Our defensive side of our game has finally started to come together. Players albeit poorly are playing as a team rather than individual brilliance.
Depending in the saga, I think we will have a strong finish to the year.



Our defense has been the biggest positive of the year. Our forward line and lack of run after the first couple of weeks the negative. 


Started promising......then it went south pretty quickly.

If you said at the start of the year we'd lost to Hawthorn (by a kick), Freo over there, Collingwood on ANZAC Day and the Swans .... I'd accept that, each of them being understandably loseable games.


The one that hurts is St Kilda ... win that, and we're 5-4 having lost to only the above 


yes we barely beat brisbane, and yes we looked awful many times - but we have a week off to rest and recover, and many of the kids will benefit from that greatly I reckon, plus on the other side of it we have our desired forward line operational for the second time only ... and a nice run of games for the team to (hopefully) find some form. 


Richmond (see it could be worse), GWS and the Dees - if we're even half legit, these are all wins.


I actually thought that after quarter time last week we showed improvement on the weeks before.



We win against a Geelong or something and we make up for that Saints loss. 


It's hasn't been pretty, it hasn't been overly exciting or fun to watch. 


But its not that bad



I give them a 6 and hope they improve from here 

2, so far the only positive for me has been giving games to daniher and the emergence of gleeson and z merrett. If the season continues to pan out the way it is then it’ll be up there with recent seasons like 2006. Such a major disappointment.

3 and that is being generous. Hope hird has a pretty good screwdriver, because when he gets back he is going to have to fix a hell of a lot of things

If we don't make finals this year, then the season is a fail, as our objective is to make finals and win a final something that hasn't happened since 2004.



Because this stinkin' side has failed to meet my lofty expectations of them.