See ya, Byron Bay

Off on a 4-day breather, and fark I need it. Never been to Byron bay - sounded nice.
AirBnB, back home on Fridee.
Anything interesting going on up there that doesn’t require much effort, since the idea is to ‘relax’?

Day trip to Nimbin.

Day trip to Nimbin.

Hmmm…ok, sounds good.
Will have cycles though, not a car. And I’m a shockingly bad bicycle rider.

Lay off the mushrooms.

If the market is on, you can get a good whiff of top rate weed. The hippies are older than me and now have more money than God but they still can grow the good stuff.

Day trip to Nimbin.

Hmmm…ok, sounds good.
Will have cycles though, not a car. And I’m a shockingly bad bicycle rider.

Grasshopper bus leaves at 10am and returns at 6pm.

We’re in Suffolk Park, now.
Lovely little place, about 5 mins from BB. Very expensive, but hey, we’re only here for 4 days.

Thought you’d timed it for the BluesFest … or Splendour ?? No?

Thought you'd timed it for the BluesFest .. or Splendour ?? No?

Nah, timed it because I really needed a break. Been working for over 2 months straight without a day off.

TBH, Byron aint what it was, but there’s some fantastic little coastal towns above & below it well worth a visit & wander. Beautiful stretch of the country.

Recommend fishing, swimming, surfing, eating drinking, more drinking, & more eating.

And plenty of wearing sunglasses and doing sweet fk all in between.

Lot’s of looking uber cool & cruisey is good too. … it’s a favorite local past time. :wink:

That’s my plan, man.
Half cut as I type, chilling watching the Euro.
I’ll amble down to the beach in the morn and laze around some. Might hire a car on Weds and tour around a little.

Was just reminded it’s Whale watch season, … & there’ll always be dolphins if the big buggers don’t oblige.

It’s awesome. Went up a few years ago and getting that close is pretty freaky and amazing at the same time. How anyone could want to hurt them has got me beat.

Was just reminded it's Whale watch season, .. & there'll always be dolphins if the big buggers don't oblige.

Walked about 15k today, to the Lighthouse from Suffolk Park. Saw whales and dolphins. Awesome. Saw someone smile in Suffolk Park. Unusual. Walked on a beach. Took slomo video of a rockpool. Played with a crab. Listened to an acoustic duo in a pub and had a beer with an ok meal. Life is good when you’re not working.

Did they do " Free Love Freeway"?

Did they do " Free Love Freeway"?

Nah… Eagles, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison… you get the picture.

Yesterday, despite my inate dislike for bicycles, I spent about 4 hours riding around in the rain, which ranged from misty drizzle, to downpour. Stopped and had hot veggie soup at a roadhouse. Realised that the loaned bike had no brakes… while going downhill…yet didn’t fall off even when sailing over a speed hump. I had thoughts of Hirdy. Had porridge with sliced banana for dinner, while watching Antique Roadshow. Fell asleep to Wish You Were Here. Nice day.

Yep, ALWAYS rains in Byron.

I’m sitting half-way up Mt Takao overlooking Tokyo, another 67 minutes of buffet and beer. I will be having a stein of every Japanese beer on tap… and if need be will move onto the foreign stuff.

Cool. Will you be able to watch Francis debut from up there?

Warning, I repeat warning: do not walk route 1 up Mt Takao over either of the lifts. It’s a boring boring road, even when you’re four litres drunk running down it.