SEN Big Essendon Announcement


That joke is sofa king bad


If you had told me three years ago we would get the biggest sponsorship deal in Australian sport I would have laughed in your face. A blue logo is a pretty small price to pay for what has been an amazing turnaround of team fortunes.



if the brand has managed to grow and prosper after the absolute battering it copped during the saga™ then i’m sure it’ll cope just fine with being associated with a MONSTER sponsorship deal such as this one.


you bed it is


That last comment has warned the cockles


To be honest I don’t really give a rats who our sponsors are. Obviously keeping within the context of what you’d expect for a footy club and its membership base.

If they provide the club what we need regarding $$ and exposure and whatever else a sponsor gives you, and we in turn give the sponsor what they want/expect in return then that’s great for all.


oh boy do i have some news for you mate.

dons a pretty middle of the road cured goods brand.

three went under.


That’s pretty funny but you and HAP should get a room with this silliness. Now for the real conversation being had here, for the people slagging off Beemers, I drive a second gen X5 and it’s a ■■■■■■■ luxury tank that ■■■■■ over most of the rubbish being wheeled out of showrooms today. Come at me Hyundai lovers.

Also make my own furniture and it’s genuinely bad stuff.


Reckon if you went back in the Blitz archives that there were a few that put on this song and dance about Kia, True Value Solar, Fujitsu and Samsung (which was also blue but with white lettering)…


And yet underneath your post is an Aston Martin ad…


i don’t get the people that get in a tizzy about sponsorships.

the company’s promised us x money for y years. unless they end up funding a genocide or something nothings going to affect our brand.




Firstly, the logo doesn’t look any worse than the white of Fujitsu/Kia or the light blue of TVSolar. It’s an improvement on both.

Second, I would hope EFC legitimately took a brand of porta loos over De Beers Diamond company if they offered so much as an extra $1 per year. How on earth do people think that your sponsor in any way “cheapens” or for that matter improves the perception of a football club? Madness.


Needs Hartley in the middle.


That’s not quite Carlton bakery bad, but better than flash mob. Will take it


Don was early in the piece and 3 was an example of us being sponsored by a ■■■■ brand in exchange for a lot of money.
Th latter was right in the middle of the Peter Jackson era where we signed onto things that gave us the most money. Like Etihad Stadium. That era turned out splendid didn’t it!


Play good footy, who give a ■■■■?


So we made some coin, don’t need to go to the tin rattling to survive…

When crisis hit, we didn’t go broke like most of the AFL would have.

Whats the issue, other than some peoples perceptions over a retailer of furniture, a former phone company and a maker of smallgoods? I’m surprised you didn’t throw Nubrik in too I mean bricks for Gods sakes…


Tell me the Bulldog’s major sponsor in their premiership year?