SEN Big Essendon Announcement


I’d like to see @Special_Agent_Johnny 's list of better sponsors to give the EFC the biggest deal in Aus. Sport…

And don’t say BMW, coz that’s eletist ■■■■ that alienates 85% of supporters.


Wasn’t it the maker of Mexican food stuff? Mission or something?


Tacos or something, yeah - they did well. But who the fk cares?


Big announcement is that an existing sponsor is now a major sponsor…Really SEN, REALLY!!!


One like?!! You monsters. This is a quality gag


And how, in a comparitve sense, is Kia a sponsor that makes better cars, than Amart makes furniture? Seems about par to me. Looking forward to the imminent arrival of my adequate membership cushion.


Pretty much this


I’m grateful weve got a great sponsorship deal after all the bullshit over the last 6 years!


Yeah, nah. They were begging for access like that. They’ll suck up to anyone they can to get that. And if anyone is pushing buttons it’s fat Hutchy.


Better than the Orange sponsor logo.


The 3 one was the worst




The deal is fantastic. We’ve been amazing at retaining sponsors and securing new ones. Part of the credit for that must go to the fans.

Also well done for getting the kind of exposure sponsors dream of today. Big tick.

Doesn’t take away from the fact that the blue thing looks ■■■■ on our sash. Someone should have had their eye on this.


Pretty sure the streets of Essendon weren’t always paved with real-estate gold.

With an attitude like that expressed above, how is it that you’re not a Melbourne supporter?


Amart is one thing- signing off on that ad is something we need answers for.


Money, mouth, etc.

Don’t knock racing car beds though. Them’s fighting words!!



Their money’s all the same colour, and as long as they stump up, that’s all that matters.


Because of this major sponsorship deal - one of the biggest in Aus sport history, I doubt we can win the flag. Bookmark it.

Had it been Calvin Klein, we may have stood a chance, but nah. Call it off.


No idea, they’re a ■■■■ club who rattle tins to survive so I’m assuming it’s not something memorable anyway.


You’re a pleasure.