SEN Big Essendon Announcement


You have to take ratings with a grain of salt though. People who have had negative experiences are always more likely to leave feedback than those with positive experiences.



There’s my feedback.


It’s not [email protected] op-shop furniture by the Salvos mate. It’s a sponser, who gives a ■■■■?? (Although I agree the position and logo is p00)

Oh unless it’s your high brow Mercedes mob. Those fokkers were involved heavily in slave labour in WWII - just ask Noonan :joy:


Oh well then, I’m convinced. Profuse apologies. Fk mi.


Who’s a Boomer?

With Gen X’ers, … (AKA,… the coolest / best Gen), it would probably be a Python or Young Ones reference.


It’s bizarre people are complaining about the logo shown on the right-hand side


You’re fishing, now.


Sheesh. Thought i would read some good feedback on interviews which I missed, and all the argument is over a furniture brand. Earth shattering stuff guys. Get over it. Good deal, as for the furniture, you get what you pay for.

Anything else interesting said on the show? Who did they interview?

P.S. Seriously some here need to get perspective. Then again it is a Blitz forum…


Reckon they did, and the Sponsor got it just as they’d like it.

It’s in the same spot every other Major sponsor always has been, and doesn’t much differ from these, as someone mentioned.

The sponsor pays for this exposure, it’s not much good if it’s not noticed, and the more you pay, the more notice you’ll get.


Can’t believe we didn’t get Ferrari over the line. Absolute bs. Color scheme would’ve blended in perfectly as well.


Their sash is backwards.


that’s the back of the jumper.


Who cares what the sponsors logo looks like? The colour of money looks awesome.


“I sleep in a racing car!”


Here’s some perspective for you. The club uploaded most pressers.


Perfect :joy:


Aesthetically I think it looks very average on the sash.

I think it is an amazing achievement to secure the deal and have the biggest sponsorship in Australian sport however and I’d tip that I probably stop caring as soon as pre-season starts.


I think the big difference is the other logos were on top of the sash, this one IS the sash. It breaks the continuity. Compared to our previous sponsors, the colours are similar, the position is similar and the size is similar. It’s just the cut across the sash that catches the eye.


I agree with most that the logo placement is not great but when you sign major deals like this you have to expect that you are going to give up something.

Can’t expect it’s going to be hidden from view or a small logo at the bottom of the guernsey.

Let the marketing team do their job and let’s hope the team and football department can do what they are paid to do.


Edit: @wimmera1 made the exact same joke! All credit to you my good man