SEN Big Essendon Announcement


I agree, except I would say the size is not the same, and is whats making people carry on a bit.

I dare say it’s the biggest, most noticeable logo that’s ever been on the left tit,… but like I said, … it’s also the most money we’ve ever gotten, & more money, means more size, for more notice.

I can imagine the negotiations going back & forth over millimetres when it came to the size, & prominence on the jumper.


It feels less intrusive to me, even though it does explicitly cut the sash.


A couple of millimetres can make all the difference…so I have heard…


Honestly, by round 2 we won’t give a crap.


It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw BSD’s post. Then I scrolled through hoping nobody else had done it.

■■■■■■ Wim.




Can see it now. Fark Carlton supporters terrorising staff and trashing Amart stores post their Round 2 victory.


Apart from the cash figure, maybe one reason they would have been reluctant to go with BMW is out of respect to Kia for sticking with us through the hard times and not wanting to jump straight to another car company.

But it’s probably mostly about the cash. :+1:


Mission wasn’t it? I like their chips.


Never mind the Amart stuff, clearly the big announcement was that Mark Baguley would be on the senior list next year. Disco thought he could hide that one down at the end of the presser.


I’m never going to be able to stop my Son Fletch from jumping on the bed now.


Could give a ■■■■ if some company that make furniture for pelicans is our sponsor.

Just ■■■■■■■ win football games


We could have had fun bagging BMW drivers. @Special_Agent_Johnny


Some people care say too much about the stuff the sponsor is selling.

■■■■■■■ get over it


I agree! More bottom of the barrel sponsors I say.

I’ve heard next year we’re replacing Fujitsu with these guys:


I’d love it if we were sponsored by Northrop Grumman. Can you imagine the stealth bomber promotions?


Its sponsor combos that make me lol.

Last season Melbourne Victory had Optislim and KFC. Amazing marketing there :smiley:


Essendon welcome our new major sponsor, SEXWORLD.



Looks horrific IMO. And I don’t think much of Amart at all as a brand either. This may well be a mock-up jumper just for the sponsorship promo. As mentioned it would look far better on the back of the jumper and keep Fujitsu on the front.


I’d take $50 on the jumper sales (2019 v 2018) if I could find any reliable way of getting the numbers. Last time I looked the financial report only has total merch sales as a dollar figure.