SEN Big Essendon Announcement


Lol at people complaining. I guess we should have just taken all of their money and given them nothing in return?

It’s practically what’s happening anyway. Giving Amart exposure on our kit costs us practically nothing, just like the signage at our games and in our change rooms, at the hangar, promo vids, media ops, etc - it’s all paid for by the sponsor.

But yeah, how dare they have a logo that doesn’t just blend in with our colours so people don’t notice it…

Guaranteed these new jumpers will be flying off the shelf if we win a flag and Amart will be cannonised like Nubrik.


yep - for those in angst the Rubicon was crossed when we first allowed any sponsorship on the jumper.






I can’t agree with the comments like “for $2m who cares?”. It’s our jumper and part of our heritage and no amount of money should be allowed to desecrate it.

However, this is not an occasion where it has been desecrated.
The grey jumper, the seat belt sash and the wheat were a disgrace


I agree. I actually like how it is in the sash as opposed to cutting across it or being stuck over it.


Rubicon is a funny word.


Sexy time at the G.


Could be worse. Be thankful Fantastic Furniture didn’t cough up the $2m for a spot on that famous guernsey.


Tell that to Pompey


Where can I find Pompey?


I don’t get it…for YEARS we’ve had logos pasted across the sash, yet this is some people’s issue on here that the logo is across the sash???



Edit: NVR MND …


All roads once led to him, though I’ve heard it told he went awol and lost his head in Egypt


Now, if they wanted to promote a furniture sponsor, there really was only one sensible choice…


Not sure why but I picture @Bomb_Doe’s house being full of Franco Cozzo baroque style Italian furniture.


The beds in the east are soft…


He just sold his house in Mooroolbark.
Went for $820K. Did well.


I grew up out that way, crazy how much houses are going for around there now. Some houses in my parents street are going for upwards of $900K…


He did off himself in the end. PTSD and all that. Hardly surprising given the absolute massacre he presided over thanks to Haig and Haking.


Check out the interior.
I promise you won’t regret it.