Serious assault near MCG


Sam and Dominic Walker (sons of a barrister) charged with assault.


Sons of a lawyer. What’s the bet they get off with a warning. I wonder why the third guy isn’t named?


Son of a County Court Judge probably,


Are the two victim’s still in hospital?


Lol of course the same day I was joking about Xavier old boys.


Boys club will be working in overdrive tonight to cover this one up.


They ended up at the Alfred, facial fractures, broken leg. Sounds like they would be in for a decent stretch.


Would you believe their old man has just shut down his page on the list of silks.
That’s serious damage control.


10 years please.


that was such a sustained and brutal assault by a group of mates

kind of wonder if they’d done it before, or what proboked it.


Nah they’ll get off. Good behaviour, community service. We just have to make sure we “respect there privacy”.


“We’Re NoT lIkE TeH SoCcEr”


How many footy brawls this year now?


Interesting line from the family spokesperson about “every confidence that police will obtain all evidence and available cctv footage”

Not sure there is anything that could make that kind of assault ok.


I dunno. Maybe the CCTV has the footage of extra head stomps.


Maybe the banter was over a hair cut?


I assume these charges are entirely schoolist and they were just fighting for the rights of future Xaverians.


Family spokesman. Lol

Spoiled little rich kids. Three 20 somethings kicking the ■■■■ out of a 60 yo and his mate.

I don’t give a ■■■■ what caused it.

Weak as ■■■■


Laying the foundations for a provocation defence.