Seriously, what happened over the preseason?

Seriously, it just doesn’t make sense.

We went from having such a good second half of the year and seemingly pulled our ■■■■ together. Have never seen a team look so unhappy to be out there and so low on confidence only 2 rounds into a new season

What the hell happened???

The million dollar question.

Well apparently because we aren’t in the inner circle we dont know anything and just guessing according to the happy clappers


*happy clapper. No plural, can’t be more than one left

Someone used an excellent new verb in the matchday thread. We have been ‘Wooshad’ or was it ‘Wooshat’.

There are 3 off the top of my gead


I think woosha is a faaarkin dementer

We thought we could slack off and study for the exam the night before. Lazy soft piece of ■■■■ club.

the last two pre-seasons have been monumental failures as both times we’ve come out looking even more unskilled than the previous year

questions should be asked

Same thing thats happened over the previous 15 years, NOTHING.

No obvious gameplan development
No decision making training
No spatial awareness development
Basic skills training that doesn’t fix deficiencies
Players to do their own goal kicking practice (see JD)
No mental toughness strengthening
Keeping stale average slow senior players on the list

You would have thought with some momentum from last year and Shiel coming in, the boys would be all in - just doesn’t add up

Just a virus.

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We bought someone new into the team. Needs time to gel

if a virus went through our club, at least we’d have something that penetrated a defence.

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