Shameless, pointless begging for a GF ticket

“I’m asking on behalf of an acquaintance”…

Kinda like how people are deseprate for a ticket to see their team in a grand final. Enough to pay thousands of dollars for tickets but won’t just get a membership with a guarantee to a ticket.

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That’ll learn 'em.

A membership does not ensure a ticket, particularly for an oversubscribed team like Adelaide.


What’s your acquaintance ever done for us?

Crows have just over 30,000 category 1 or “guaranteed ticket” members.
17,000 GF tickets available and members go into a ballot.
Plenty missed out.
Would be similar with Richmond and I’d assume the same with us if we made one

Blow money on one of those breaky and Gf finals package. ■■■■ the Crows will walk it in. It’s worth spending the money.

Don’t the roos normally do a good one?

Hang on a sec, … that’s hardly a Guaranteed GF ticket.

Is that what our top M/ship means as well when they say Guaranteed Access to a Grand Final Ticket?

Just a chance at getting one?

I was lucky enough to get a golden ticket & have knocked back offers of 2 & 2.5k for them. Huge demand for this GF

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Ask Mrs Crazy…


Well I’d think we have more than 17,000 High Mark and Silver memberships which are Priority 1 so yes some would miss out in a ballot.
I think you are only guaranteed access to the ballot not guaranteed a ticket.
What is even more of a scam is that our Bronze memberships and Interstate memberships are Priority 3 and you can pay $55 to be upgraded to Priority 2. So what exactly are you getting for $55?

If that’s the case, … then “Access” is a poor choice of word. It implies,… and always made me think, it would definitely allow me to buy one “If I wanted one”

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As a high mark member the wording attached to that package is “guaranteed opportunity to purchase a grand final ticket if Essendon is competing”.

On a side note, Robin just flashed his ticket on 360 including the full barcode. Plenty of screenshots doing the rounds on Twitter. Check out @brayden_cocks twitter

Yeah, … That’s the one I remember.

That surely could not mean a ballot. Must be we have a different set up & only sell as many top M/ships as can be Guaranteed.

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Pretty sure Silver is the same

Yeah I know a couple of richmond top level members and they are guaranteed if tiges are playing. No ballot.

But they had to register at a certain time and date two weeks ago to make sure. Miss that and then you are back in the lottery.

Don’t think they’d be able to sell them otherwise. They must be limited for all clubs.

I’ve got a Silver with the understanding that Silver and High Mark members can buy a GF ticket if we make it, no ballot. They have a waiting list for Silver and High Mark.


Maybe that is true, would be nice to know how ours operate. If you are paying top $ you would think there must be some guarantee.
Apparently the Crows have 12,000 top of the range members who got a guaranteed ticket, the other 4,000 tickets went to other members via ballot

There will always be some doubt on how many GF tickets can be provided, because you don’t know who you’re playing. Play a big club, we get ~50% of the 30,000 tickets. Play GWS, and we get almost all of them, and a lot of people get lucky in the raffle.

Can we just shoot all corporates out a cannon, those ■■■■■■ don’t even sit in the seats they’re all in their airconned bars getting munted.