Sheedy possible AFL HoF Legend in 2018?

Just read an article about the possibility of another AFL legend being elevated in 2018 as there will be over 280 people in the HoF and only 27 legends.

The name Kevin Sheedy came up. How can he NOT be a legend of the game? Not just for playing/coaching, but for everything he has done to promote and improve the game as a whole.

Anyway, the article is here

I don’t know whether grassroots support influences things at all, but my Hawhtorn partner (don’t start…) is already talking up Michael Tuck to legendary level in the Hall of Fame. Sheeds is so much more deserving!

Anyway, you think the great man has a legitimate shot at being the next official AFL legend? He’s already one to me.


Both deserve it.

Sheedy >>>>>>> Tuck.

Top of my head, 2nd most games played of all time?
Most finals of all time?
Both are Legends of the game.

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Yes they both deserve it, but Sheedy goes first surely

Wasn’t Sheedy not elevated before because he took the job at the Giants and you have to be out of the coaching or playing for a few years before you’re eligible to be inducted or elevated? Or maybe I just dreamt that up

Sounds right. You’re not supposed to be inducted at all while you’re involved but Sheeds screwed that up :slight_smile:

Only one can go in this year though. Only ten percent of the hall can be legends

I would suspect that while Sheeds is still with EFC, he won’t be made a legend.

Sheedy would be the obvious choice of player-coaches.
From just players I’d suggest Tuck, Dunstall and Ablett Sr would be reasonable choices.
Ablett Sr probably most deserving.

I was watching 1984 Grand Final yesterday and the commentary really underlined how Sheedy has changed the game. His use of the interchange was groundbreaking - Poor Lou Richards couldn’t work out why Madden spent most of the third quarter on the bench. Also the way he swung backs into the forward line (Duckworth even won the Norm Smith playing most of the game in the forward line) and instructed the players to stretch the rules to the limit. The man was years ahead of the game and no -one deserves legend status more.


Is Ablett snr in the HOF? Never really keep track of who is in or not. I remember years ago there being this big thing about whether to put him in due to his history

Yeah he’s in there but as a regular member. I think they delayed his induction for a while due to all the drama surrounding him. But he is not at the legend level yet

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Next level of players down I’d have Williams, Voss, Hird, Buckley, Goodes.
But that’s very biased towards recent history.
Doug Wade might say, hey! Hang on…
Let alone other deserving players from the sixties and before.

Carey or Ablett.snr should be there.

Duck whilst and obvious ■■■■■■■■ is IMO prob the best CHF the games seen… Arguably the hardest position too.(at least best in the last 30 years)

Worzel doesn’t need any medals from the AFL arseholes. We’d be better off getting him onto the EFC Board.

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Surely Luke Hodge is well well overdue for legend status. Even though he’s still playing.


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Not sure if 84 or 85, they also talk about it likely being Tucks last game. Reckon he played another 6-7 seasons.

Seriously tho, was Tuck even decent? Matchwinner?

Well, I suppose he must of been pretty good, you don’t get to play over 400 games if you’re not. :slight_smile:

If you never saw him play, think Josh Kennedy from the Swans. Similar type of game, though I reckon Tuck was a better player. He played in 7 premiership sides, with 4 as Captain. I hate the Hawks, but no-one could hate Michael Tuck.

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