ShepLife - who is going to embrace it?

Bought my ticket today. Who else is in?

NAB Cup: Essendon v Geelong, 2pm Saturday 5th March - Deakin Reserve Shepparton.

See following info pack to aid assimilation with local community.

“Without fail, rats tails prevail
You’re working for the government
You’re going to jail
Put your house on the market, it’s staying for sale
That’s not a house, thats just a tent with some nails
Rocking oven mitts, all your stuff is hot to touch
Even the back of the truck was off the back of the truck

Even the matchbox cars are sitting on blocks
Woke up in the morn’, all your ■■■■ got pawned
No toys in the house, they all on the lawn

Your kids got two names just to make one
Yeah, Jamary, Dalizabeth, get what you’re dealing with?

Your little cousins got a bun in the oven
The baker who put it there is rockin’ a mullet

20 feet hose minus 16 bongs means you can only water 'bout half of ya lawn”

All rights - ShepLife by Briggs (who writes for and appears on Black Comedy on ABCTV these days).


I’m one!

atleast put the hose connections back on ya little bastards.

I will catch-up with all the details via Bomber Blitz !!
Thanks in advance to those going !!

Just drove through shepparton and saw the advertising for it. Im definatly keen.

Im pretty sure essendon announced all our nab cup games are free for membership holders if i remember?

I’m booked and have my ticket already.
See you there!

Im pretty sure essendon announced all our nab cup games are free for membership holders if i remember?
Not sure on that but reserved tickets are certainly massively discounted for members.

Obviously if you’re travelling a couple hours to get to Shepparton you want to reserve your entry first.

Yep we pre booked

I’m really confused

I'm really confused

We know

Yep booked my ticket and a room at the local pub. Really looking forward to it.

Briggs is a fkhead but the game will be good

I'm really confused

We know

More so this time

Sorry thats actually a very poor photo
Il try again and see if it works.

Free entry but cheaper reserved tickets youre correct

Note they actually want more money to sit in the white elephant stand at Pissy Park than (say) in the higher one smack on the wing in front of the coach boxes.

LOL “Fark We’re In Debt” Carlton.