Simon Goodwin is going to Melbourne, not Adelaide

Somethings up at the crows, sanderson gone? Goodwins name being mentioned. Whats up?

i heard this whisper last week. the board was/is considering moving sando on, players not entirely happy apparently

Lower case thread titles man.


Someone ring Dangerfield and invite him to a BBQ @ Hirdy’s joint.

Lower case thread titles man.



This is the real issue that needs to be addressed. 

So Melbourne failed to lure him as well? Looks like another Roosy contract extension needed.  He really didn't know what he was getting into there, did he?

Big move.

Sando sacked.

GW_calling_bigger.jpgGerard Whateley â€@GerardWhateley  13s

Breaking: Brenton Sanderson has been sacked as coach of @Adelaide_FC


Stay the hell away from BASS

Wouldn't have thought Sando was Adelaide's biggest pressing concern, so it's a shock.

I hate this off-season.

Hmmmm, who can fill our senior assistant role if Goody leaves?

If Goody gets the job, this would have to be impacted strongly by Roo.


Good mates, just joined the board, rumours of Goody heading back to the Crows started almost as soon as he joined the board.


PS move this to the Non Essendon board.

Hmmmm, who can fill our senior assistant role if Goody leaves?


Well done to Goody if he has landed the crows job. Wish him all the best.

Couldn't this have waited 2 weeks.  Think of the preliminary finals!

Oh well at least Caro got to see a coach sacked this year…just not her preferred one.

Not surprising. Had a contract offer from Brisbane in front of him.

Welcome to Essendon Sando