Skiing in Victoria


Would love to be over there.


I’ve done all those maneuvers.


You just jumped right into the boat didn’t you?! Completely bypassed the hook and climbed straight in the live well… :laughing:

Somehow, not sure how either, most of my riding buddies are boarders. Doesn’t matter so much given we have to stop at the end of each run to switch over for the hike out.


Yep 28 runs on the final day


Boy Wonder is living the life I want.


And going to treble cone on Saturday for a week…


I’ve met skiiers too, this is not surprising.


Look, I can live with 'boarders as long as they park themselves to the side of a run, not in the middle and for the love of God, move out the way of the lift landing BEFORE you start adjusting yourselves.



Now you’re mocking me.


I just don’t know why he has so much hate for boarders. He’s a closet Sydney supporter, so we know his judgement is poor, but it seems like it’s at ulcer-causing level. I worry for the guy.

I suspect it’s a mix of self-loathing and shame that he secretly wants to be a snowboarder, but he thinks that would entail having to wear his pants down low, listen to rap music whilst hitting the terrain park and call everyone dude; which we all know would be frankly ridiculous for a main of his age.


I think those rules kind of apply to everyone.


Particularly 'boarders.


So, that’s a no to my cuddle offer then?


Might rain across the ditch next week…

Honestly, anyone leaving Aus to ski/board right now has already lost.



Age actually has something to do with it. If I’d come to the sport as a teenager I probably would have tried boarding first. From what I’ve seen, boarders seem to outnumber skiers 5-1 for people up to around their mid 30’s. Skiing seems to dominate mid 30’s upwards. This plus the advice of a friend who is an expert double planker and 'boarder. Before we’d had left for our first trip to the snow, she suggested that skiing is a little easier to come to terms with for 1st timers than snow boarding is. As our trip was for 7x days and had cost heaps, we figured that skiing would give better value. No regrets though and I’ve had no inclination to learn 'boarding since.


easier to learn, harder to master.


Not wrong.

When I watch the pro’s (skis + boards) go off piste, I look on with a fair bit of envy.


there’s a saying… never a truer word spoken…

It’s not that you can’t ski bumps, it’s that you can’t ski and the bumps prove it.


Now excuse me while I go fap over the above photo again.

mah gerd…