Skiing in Victoria


Awesome. Cheers Benny I’ll check it out!


F###ck me it’s cold up here.
And is red and blue suddenly a late season fashion statement?


Seeking opinions from anyone who has skied/boarded and stayed at Sun Peaks in BC Canada.

We’re thinking about heading there in 2020.

And if anyone is thinking about heading to Appi Kogen in Japan, the terrain is interesting enough to keep intermediates and most advanced skiers/boarders entertained for several days. So much snow and is so quiet that you can encounter fresh powder well into the afternoon on some slopes on weekdays. The on-site accommodation although convenient (ski in/out) is tired and in dire need of a tarting up. Make sure you have plenty of space on your CC as dining prices are astronomical. Good Lord!


What’s the appeal of Sun Peaks? Have you been anywhere else in BC?


We haven’t been there but the trail map looks interesting + there are lots of accommodation and food options. Very important when traveling with kids.

We haven’t been to any other ski areas in BC although we went to Sunshine which is just near Banff in Alberta. BC was just down the road.


You go to any major Nth Am resort and accom/food shouldn’t be much of an issue for you, do get what you’re saying though.

Not been to SP myself but not heard the best reports from those I know who have. If going BC, Revelstoke would be my 1st stop.

If open to more of Nth Am, then maybe look at Jackson Hole, was described to me as the best family friendly destination ski town in Nth Am.

And good on you for going somewhere other than Hakuba/Nozawa and Niseko in Japan.


Oh and if you’re an Epic pass holder (Perisher) , there’s inclusions at a lot of US resorts that might be of interest.


That’s interesting about Sun Peaks. Will look into those other locations.


If anyone is heading to Niseko and has money to throw around, these are the two backcountry trips that are worth doing. None of the other cat ski operations in Sapporo are worthwhile. Seriously don’t bother.

Par is a Swedish Rastafarian who has lived in Sapporo for 30 years, a real character, has his own mountain and tows groups up on the back of snowmobiles. Awesome terrain and very sheltered, so it’s generally good even if the resorts are hit by wind. Was about 30,000 yen for the day + 8,000 yen for professional photos if you want them. Can be booked while over there, so you contact him and sort it out based on the weather.

Shimamaki is the first time the Japanese have let a cat ski operation into a national park. All the others are flat, boring retired ski resorts. I did this in Jan, the terrain was the best I’ve skied in Japan. Needs to be booked well in advance, so there’s a risk with weather. Fair bit of terrain at lower levels which can be skied in poor conditions, but if the weather is reasonable, the terrain at the top was spectacular. Came to around $2k including 2 nights accommodation, transfers from Niseko and all food.

If anyone is ever heading to Niseko, hit me up. I’ve been there a heap and I’m more than happy to share tips to make your trip better.


I’ve also heard whispers that Vail Resorts (the company that offers Epic passses at it’s resorts, including Perisher) are looking to purchase Falls Creek and Hotham. Fingers crossed…

Edit: Found the article


Does it help if I already have an epic card from heavenly Valley?


Whether it was garbage or not I don’t know but it all cooled a bit when those rumours started to circulate more widely. So it was either rubbish and never happening in the 1st place or as soon as it went public they’ve backed away from it.

Not sure it’s really something I’d want to happen anyway… They haven’t really done much for Perisher except incentivize more punters to buy season passes there and in doing so make the place even busier… Not a lot in the way of lift upgrades or opening up terrain. But I guess any sale of Falls/Hoth away from Merlin can only be a good thing.


It’s good for me as I can get the Military Epic pass, which is US$99 per year. Absolute no brainer.


Oh yeah the financial incentive is good. Just don’t expect any developments or investment if it happens. But it sounds like that’s not what you’d be in it for and are probably aware to the reality of what these buyouts represent.


An epic card is an epic card.


Building a Leichardt quad for next season.

They can’t do much re terrain, the NSW parks board own and control it all.


Isn’t that something that’s been on the cards for a while? That’s what I’ve been lead to believe, that it’s not a new initiative from Vail.


There’s ~40 lifts, it’s not exactly rocket science to work out which ones will be upgraded next.
International has to be next.


I’ve often wondered why a place with such little vert would need so many lifts…

I’d prefer if Alterra got involved personally, Ikon pass being the better option.


It’s about 5km from end to end. Fair traverse.