Skiing in Victoria


That’s because they’re more ice fields than snow fields.


Perisher >>>>>>>> anywhere else in Oz

Hotham has good terrain, Falls has a great village.

Also Ace humblebragging about Europe. That’s something new!


Nothing planned beyond “You guys want to do a trip to Japan Christmas next year? No kids or wives? Sounds ace.” Open to all suggestions about where to go/stay, etc.


Yeah, Perisher >>>>> Buller.

I miss living in upstate New York and being able to travel 30 minutes to ski really cheap.

Mind you, it could get bitterly cold at night there, unlike any skiing in Australia.


Not bragging. Just been lucky enough to spend plenty of time there. Envy the people who have done Canada and Japan.
Have family that live within a hour of Perisher so have done that regularly and when my nieces and nephews were little we found that Selwyn was the best for tobogganing. Threadbo awesome but pricey


You manage to mention about 6 times a week where you’ve been, what soccer games you’ve been to or where you’re off to next.

We get it.


I like hearing Acey’s adventures. It reminds me to focus on my own shortcomings and to try harder in life.


You ski?

I didn’t know that.


We had a good time at Happo One in Hakuba. No real ski in/out accommodation but you’re right there so it’s not too hard to get about. I can recommend the Hotel Mominoki. Within walking distance of the main chair area and it has a cracking indoor and outdoor onsen for post slopes rehabilitation. I got naked there with Studley Cornes. He was good fun. Plenty of terrain and facilities but the Japanese aren’t that keen on you going off piste as it can be dangerous. There were two deaths near by during the week we were there in 2016. It routinely has excellent coverage but we were surprised to learn when we visited that grass was visible on the main slope only a few days before we arrived but it was well dusted when we were there (early Jan). Pretty easy to get to. We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano then a bus trip to Hakuba. Short transfer from there to the Mominoki. The Village of Happo One is very quaint and traditional athough there are plenty of things that would be familiar to you as well. Lots of Australians working in and around so communication shouldn’t be an issue. A word of caution though. There is a high risk of marital endangerment if engaging in apre-ski activities during a boys only trip there. The action off the slopes is as good as on. It is my duty to warn you.


There is actually plenty of Blitzers that have done far more than me. I haven’t been to half the locations others have, I just have been multiple times to the same places.


That came across like I was having a crack. It wasn’t meant to sound like that. I actually like to hear about what other people have done or are doing.


I’d rather hear about ace’s tv’s health.


Is Acey’s tv crook? I’m sorry to hear that.


Gets remotes embedded in it thanks to essington.



Collateral damage.


I damaged my hand when Richmond defeated Essington in the '95 Elimination Final. Richmond. Steven Jurica? Please…


Had a pretty good weekend at Falls. No fresh snow, but a very good base after the previous week’s storms. Visibility crappy on Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday being drizzly wet, but clear blue skies on Monday and no much in the way of crowds. Planning to head back up Saturday evening this week to get another day on Sunday, forecast is for snow showers this week and then sun on Sunday!

Annoyingly, my Gopro’s first foray to the snow was a flop, with moisture getting into the lens housing and proceeding to fog up. Still took lots of footage, but it’s a bit blurry around the edges of the screen. Not exactly ideal for a waterprrof action camera. Back to JB for a replacement I think.

Anyone else been up to the hills this year?


Post footage or it didn’t happen.


I was there last week Furious. Terrific snow after the weekend storms… Almost best I remember. And three bluebird days to end the week… Oh yeah!


Is this the Melbourne thread?