Skills training for juniors

My boys are both enjoying their junior footy but their skills need fine tuning before the bad habits get too entrenched.
Are there any training aids or drills that you can recommend, from personal experience or witnessing, that can help?
My youngest has recently turned 7 and my eldest is 10.

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Hey mate. Best advice I would give any kid is learn to kick and handball on both sides of the body. They’ll be so much better if they can dispose equally well on both sides. Dunno whether you’ve got a decent backyard or not, but the more they’re outside kicking the footy, the better. Teach them proper technique in picking up ground balls, especially to protect the head. I see so many kids these days who lead with the head when picking up the ball they are wide open to a front on hit and potential serious head and neck injuries.

This video is as old as hell (look at Mark Harvey!) but I used to watch this all the time. Some really good ideas for drills and skill development, especially ball handling.

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It depends on what skills specifically, but I’m all about solid fundamentals and starting at the base level of the skill and progressing the skill as they master each level.
Eg you’re not going to train them to pick up a ball one handed and handball over their shoulder in one motion if they can’t pick up the ball cleanly with two hands or handball in a straight line well.
Basically - start with the most difficult thing they can do well and go from there.

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There was a great video from Akermanis that went through his technique which was awesome. Different bloke, but great kick.

All I can find now is this Reddit thread.

There is also the AFL community YT that has some nice videos.Eg.

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Check out Enhanced Football on YouTube.


Thanks folks. Great starting points.
I was a bit of a country boy back player myself but have coached junior cricket and basketball so coaching isn’t too much of a leap, just structuring it the right way.
Thanks again

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