Slowhand hits 70

Happy Birthday to EC, rock’s most enduring and prominent virtuoso. Been in the business as a pro for 50 years. l have been fortunate enough to see him in concert a total of 7 times, every night in Melb at Festival Hall in his comeback tour in 1975, then at the Sports and Entertainment Centre in 1984, and Rod Laver Arena in 1989. Also managed to see him twice in HK, the first time in 2007 about 6 weeks after l first arrived in China, and again around 2011. Over the journey he has provided tons of great playing, although these days, he plays with less feel, more flash. Long may he continue to play, better live than in the studio.

Anyone care to nominate their favorite Clapton tracks, studio, live, sessions, soundtracks? Back later with my personal list of faves.

Far out…70…wtf.
I remember buying Peaches & Diesel. Seems like yesterday.

It’s been a great ride. Can’t possibly pick a favourite piece, there’s just too much. Hope there is a lot more to come.

A good friend of mine bought tickets to see him in Melbourne a couple of years ago (she is a huge fan) asked me if I would like to go. Told her I had heard of him, but did not think I knew any of his music. She reeled of some songs and I did know them.

Anyway, long story short, thought what the heck will go along, she had paid $400 bucks each for tickets, if nothing else seats will be great.

I absolutely loved it, so Many Happy Returns Eric Clapton.

Layla…the Derek and the Dominos version (I hated his unplugged version)

Girls on the Avenue

Sunshine of Your Love, Before you Accuse Me, It’s Probably Me, It’s In The Way That You Use It and while it doesn’t suit him or his playing at all…I’ve always thought Promises felt like a found song, a song out of time that fell into the wrong guys head. I really like it a lot.

Oh, and Crossroads of course.

His greatest live performance?
Not only for the playing, but also sings.

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Girls on the Avenue
I think it's great that ole Slowhand, an international celebrity, one of the greatest and most celebrated guitarists of all time, a man responsible for so many hit songs... You can head down to the local RSL and watch him on any given weekend. Amazing.

Happy birthday slowhand! Layla original for mine, amongst many favourites. Also have always loved while my guitar gently weeps, great solo

Tales of brave Ulysses,badge any cream really.dont think they were his favorite band or style of music but I loved it.when it comes to blues I reckon he is better than any white man including beck,page and Vaughn.