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I couldn’t find a chat about this, feel free to delete if there is one.

Just wondering if any blitzers smoke cigars or pipes?? If so what are you smoking? Favourite cigars or tobacco, the old cuban vs non cuban debate, best suppliers or cigar and drink combo’s. I’m keen to hear from you guys and gals.

Durries m8.

Low quality, RYO durries.

Rollies: Helping to blur the lines between hipster and homeless since 2011.


Bob Marley used to have a T-shirt with my face on the front.


Yup. Been an original Ruby man for 20 years or so, after switching from Dr Pat.

Not for much longer though. Moving into vaping very very soon, and doing research into apparatus, and juices at the moment,… so any advice from blitzers that have also taken that route would be appreciated.

Used to be a Drum, then an Old Holburn, then back to Drum smoker. Bank and Port Royal in between somewhere. I could roll an immaculate cigarette. Gave up 5 years ago - so, so far as vaping and juices are concerned, I stick with orange.

(I’m not sure this is where the OP meant the conversation to go. There seems an art to smoking cigars that I could never quite master.)

My brother is in the biz.
Unhelpfully, he already has more than he can handle.

Love a good cigar, but I prefer a smaller cuban than the big fat suckers,… they take far too long to finish, and while some have no problem leaving them semi smoked and coming back to them, I reckon they taste no where near as good at that point, and you are essentially spending a lot of bucks for half a good experience.

Years ago there were ciggy sized ones called “Denver Smalls” & IIRC, it was the Brandy Mellow type I would buy all the time, and used to just smoke 4 or 5 a day, but I haven’t been able to buy them for a decade plus unfortunately, they were great.

If I were to take that route today, I’d likely go the Mini Cohibas, or Monte Christo “Clubs”

Not entirely sure what you mean here Wim,… but If he has a store, or a mobile business selling such things, I certainly wouldn’t mind catching up with him for a chat. (Or email etc)

I’ll have a chat with him.

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Do they still sell Black and Whites - “Smokes for Blokes”?

Makes it sound kinda illegal, which it aint, but some seem to have that impression …

I was actually thinking of starting a vaping thread, but hey, why not hijack this one?

I was a Ruby smoker for 20+ years too. Had a few cigars over the years but never really took to em.

Anyway, started vaping with very entry level things a couple of years ago. Didn’t quite do it for me but I could see the potential. Did some research and experimentation. Now I have a couple of more complex “mods”, build my own coils and have found a good source of juice (with nico or without) which ships in 3 days from the US. Have given up ciggies almost completely (about 10 in the last year at parties). Love a good vape though, and it’s not cured my nic addiction whatsoever.
Happy to provide more info via pm

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I have far too many issues with Nicotine for smoking to ever be a ‘hobby.’

While some like a nice, expensive cigar while sitting back in a recliner and drinking whisky like a gentleman… Most of my smoking stories involve me huddled under a canopy in the wind and rain sucking down the cheapest cigarettes I could afford that day.

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Don’t forget mad dashes up and down 771 flights of stairs and missing the first two minutes of every quarter ever played.


Half time is the worst, because you get lulled into a false sense of security. At least quarter time you know how tight the time frame is, and rush accordingly.

If you want to go vape route I suggest these.

The pack itself actually recharges the e-cigs. Pack is like a slim pack of normal ciggies

Get the premium tank (metal and glass) and fill with any juice you like. If you like citrus flavours you dont want a plastic tank.

This thread is making my lungs so h0rny.

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