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Oh, Lee, apparently the Flight Plate has been modified in the Melo 10's to stop the bursting issue. And it's been confirmed that the tech will continue to be used, and given that the XX8 SE is 'this years' Jordan, I'd say they may have fixed your SE's up

They had to.
Guy I play against in a regular pick up game bought the 28 se westbrooks, he saw mine pop, two weeks later his popped.
I got the Xmas 28 se, so far ok, fingers crossed, I really wanted the bulls colour way that's out in oz now, but grabbed 6s instead, really digging the 5 Oreos I grabbed too.


There’s plenty of time to get 28 SE’s, 29’s don’t release until the end of this year (edited for accuracy)

Flight Plate is already confirmed.


Recent purchases:


Replacement suede Vision Street Wear


Airwalk Vics.


I am the happiest 13 year old in the world.


Just got these bad boys given to me for my Birthday.




What the verdict on 29s geek, in or out?


In. The upgraded Flight Plate looks like it’s fixed a few issues, and that upper is like a blank canvas. There will be some crazy designs, and I bet they drop some that look like older models too.

There’s a lot of amazing high end shoes out now, or coming soon: the Elite sigs from Nike, XX8, XX9, Melo 10’s, Rose 5 (finally adi are putting real cushioning in a sig shoe) plus next years Nike sigs


Next order…


Next order...

Brave man. If it's not Nike, it doesn't seem to be cool in here.


And all this time l thought this thread was about a band.


Next order...

Brave man. If it's not Nike, it doesn't seem to be cool in here.

Sheeple gonna sheep


Hopefully the rose 5 fixes the knee support issues.

Oh no, I didn’t.

I can see them doing photo images on 29s, Westbrook is gonna out do Westbrook.


The most comfortable shoes I have are adidas samba’s, I cut the tongue down though as I don’t play indoor soccer.


Sketchers…comfortable and yet to replace a pair in over a year


Next order...dIuL6Ey.png

Brave man. If it's not Nike, it doesn't seem to be cool in here.

Sheeple gonna sheep
very nice shoe.
I love adidas retro stuff, shame they seem gunshy about putting he best tech in their top line products.


I've got a box sitting under my desk with Concord 11 lows and Carmine 6's in it. I think I can officially retire from buying retro Jordans now


out of interest are these purchased to play ball?


if so I can contribute to some ugly ■■■ and1s I purchased years ago, now I play scrimmage with the guys I coach - perhaps I should upgrade ? 


I’ll play a half in the 11’s because they are 11’s, but modern kicks absolutely destroy the period Jordan’s. I’m still wearing KD V Elites on court, so so good.

And yes, upgrade them ■■■■■! The mid price stuff that Nike and adidas put out these days are awesome shoes


Not sure if correct thread, but just did a 7km run in my brand new


<span style="font-size:14px;">adidas Energy Boost 2.0 “Neo Iron”</span>


fap fap fap


now I am starting to understand, how people can fall in love with sneakers, time will tell if they handle my feet (always wear orthodics) or in fact they are durable enough for training + a 1/2 marathon I am going to enter, but for now - nom nom nom


literally like heaven has taken you for a run.


Boost 2.0 looks really good. Nice to see adi catching up to Nike’s 2010 tech levels


whilst I am at it, picked up the new adidas barricades (tennis shoe) - replacing my old barricades I had for about 6 years. Great tennis shoe - provides great lateral movement support - good strength 


perhaps I am an adidas man, dropped a bit of coin on their running gear aswell


they have been kicking goals lately