Sneaker Pimps


$120 USD. Bargain!


Nice! I’m really surprised, good luck I reckon they will go quickly.


Joel Embiid signed up with under armour.


Apparently there are 4000 pairs available across the US, with Footlocker/Eastbay being the major retailers…

I’d be getting a pair myself except I’d miss out my 60% staff discount and I’m not THAT keen.


I’ve decided to wait until some other colourways come out. I can’t see myself wearing the orange ones.


This thread the slowest moving on blitz?

Boot, nice shoes. I’ve had a pair for a decade and they’ve held up very well.

Nothing much else to add. Wearing AJ1s at this moment. Like them a lot, but they’re not going to cut it in a sneaker pimps thread!


I only have 2 pairs of sneakers frosty. The Mexicos and a pair of Adidas Roms. Although a blue pair of the Onitsukas is maybe on the horizon.