Sneaky speculation on changes vs Richmond - 2020 round 12 - Dreamtime at the TIO

There are highlights of the scratch match on website.
Mozzie kicks 3 I think. Henry kicked at least 1 maybe 2



6 day break for us, 5 days for Tigers.

Tigers will have Houli back. And Nankervis on limited minutes.

You would think Snelling needs a managed time out, Mozzie good in for Snelling.
One of Jones/Crauford/Daniher for McKernan

Thats all I have at the moment until we know who is available


Who gives a shyte what team we put out?

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I would like to see Daniher back and playing. Regardless of our ladder position.

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What’s the point of Joe Dan playing when our mids will ram it right down the throat of the intercept marker every time.

Our good players should be held out until next year. Just play the kids and wear the smashings.

Because JoeDan will be playing football. Something he hasn’t been able to do for a long time.

Absolutely would be rapt to see him back on the field.


Because @scotty21 I want one last hanger with the ball taken almost 4 metres from the ground on some sap Richmond defenders head for all the hope/pain and heartbreak JD has been over the past 12 months…

Just one monster grab.


Got to be a lot better than kicking it to McKernan

We had 6 more forward 50 entries than StKilda, if that is not a small indication of a dysfunctional forward line to be beaten by so much I am not sure what else can you do.

Yes delivery is important but its also important to make position so you can deliver.


I’d be surprised if he ever played again

actually, no I wouldn’t

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We are literally playing Dylan Clarke and Kobe Mutch ffs

Just ■■■■■■■ spin the wheel and see what comes up because it doesn’t matter


We are playing Richmond this week???

I hope we get the mother of all beltings next week.


We have Richmond, West Coast, Geelong and Port over the next 5 matches. Buckle up … it’s going to get rocky in here.

Suitable username then.

so do I. is it bad we feel this way? that we want every player who doesn’t give a fk and coach exposed?

I honestly don’t think it is. I want the pressure absolutely poured on this club from every angle

its actually legit sad any supporter has to consider this line of thinking. that’s what the essendon football club does to you


Bit tough on BZT. I think we should back him in. What’s the go with Mutch? I understood he was a stellar junior according to blitz, but doesn’t look near it on the field. Hurley. Yep the game has gone past him. Won’t take a risk, as he knows his skill with ball in hand is poor and has not being able to clunk a contested mark all year.

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Is this because Saints had an extra in defence, whilst we had an extra around the ball? We seem to be playing that way for years now but have been unable to combat teams playing an extra (or two sometimes as Carlton does against us). Hopefully someone who is more astute with the tactical side of the game can explain better than I.