Sneaky speculation on changes vs Richmond - 2020 round 12 - Dreamtime at the TIO

With our recent record against Richmond and being in the NT, there’s every chance the Tiwi Bombers will convert to the Tiwi Tigers after another insipid blockbuster performance.

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What good is that gonna do? We’ve had so many humilating losses recently and zero has changed.

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Burn the place down and start again. I am sick of watching players playing like they don’t care. And most of all I’m sick of the message coming from the club. They don’t engage the supporters at all.

Richmond will smell blood at the moment and I hope they open us up and expose us for the frauds we are.


Mozzie must come in. He will be pumped up for the match this year. It is a showcase match, let him debut, as he will have a better sense of the occasion, than most others.

Sheedy would do it.


Haha yep same going to need them

Bulldogs level bad from last year

While l hope we lift our effort and are competitive.
Getting smashed does nothing for the team or individual.


The club doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong at the moment. You only have to listen to the message coming out of the club to see that they don’t care.

They are protecting their little handover plan to save face while the club burns around them. They can all go get farked.


Snelling has been pretty good this season. Not sure if Moz has the size to replace him.

Fair point. Who would you take out for Mozzie?

Bearing in mind we could have Daniher, Fantasia, Hooker and Smith back in.

Are we bringing in Joe so he gets 0 kicks against Richmond and Sydney, Brisbane etc go cold?

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Mozzie is taller and heavier ???


Have to keep playing Clarke and Guelfi so Snelling is the obvious choice needs to be managed

Hmm my swaps from the team we played this round would be:

McKernan - Daniher
Townsend - Fantasia
BZT - Mr. Hooker
Cutler - Smith (not that he’d play on the wing). Pretty disappointed with Cutler so far, thought a tall winger would be good.

Stretching it:
Guelfi - Moz, (McKenna goes back, there should be no question about this, he is SO much better in the backline). Although, I thought Guelfi was alright today, the least of our problems.
Begley - Moz (McKenna still goes to the backline). But Begley might need a couple more games to flesh out what he can do, he’s a big body and should be given a chance, had some decent moments today. Attacked the ball pretty hard, which is exactly what you want to see from a young player.
Mutch - Moz (McKenna still goes to the backline). Similar to Begley, hard to judge a young guy on one game after not playing footy for quite some time. Might be worthwhile playing the kids and getting games into them.

100% must see Mozzie debut.

Probably need to keep Smack in for one more week until Joe is ready.

Out: BZT, Mutch, Clarke, Cutler & Townsend
In: Hooker, Redman, Smith, Ham & Mozzie

B: Ridley Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Redman
C: Ham McGrath Merrett
HF: Mozzie Stewart Smith
F: Langford McKernan Walla
R: Draper Parish Shiel

I/C: Snelling Gleeson Guelfi Begley

Smack is struggling
Time for big Henry


Time for Daniher!


Yeah I’d be happy with that as well tbh.




We got no one left. Forfeit the season

We had 11 players playing today who aren’t upto Afl standard and wouldn’t get a game with any other team.

We are so fukd

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A team trying to play and be like Richmond but are genuinely terrible at it, actually playing Richmond.

This be an epic belting.

Surely it’s a running gag at Punt Rd how much we try to be like them and spectacularly fail.