So who is available, what names are popping up for 2017 Trade and FA period?

A bit of a list taking shape - some rumours, some murmurs, some confirmed as wanting out or wanted out!!

Jake Stringer
Adam Saad
Tom Rockliffe
Jesse Lonergan
Jackson Trengove
Jake Lever
Stewart Crameri
Josh Kelly
Matt Shaw
Mitch Honeychurch
Harley Balic
Bryce Gibbs
Matthew Kennedy
Gary Ablett
Darcy Lang
Tom Sheridan
Steven Motlop
Devon Smith
Tom Lynch
Brandon Matera
Jack Watts
Christian Salem
Josh Schache
Aaron Hall

Heath Hocking.

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Dyson and a second rounder for all of them.

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Stringer is available?
Why is nobody talking about this?


Darcy Lang? Really? Hadnt heard that.

Played pretty damn well last night. A bit outside but good kicking skills.

Imagine fir a second that there was any possibility he could come to us. What would BT do with Oraaaaazzzioooooooo Fantasee-a AND The Package in the same team?! Has anyone even considered this?


Wouldn’t want to be sharing a commentary box with him at the time.
At least not without waterproof clothing and bleach.