So you played some music that one time huh?

So @BAAKKEERRRR mentioned doing this and I’m gonna partially out myself in the name of a laugh.

I played in this band for a number of years and it was a barrel of laughs.

Also probably worth paging @goldengoose


Hey!! You guys were sick

Thanks mate.

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My actual band


Saw you guys at Goo.


Hahahahaha we played there a bit because we had a big crew of drinkers who tagged along from Sunbury so booze sales in that band room would nearly double when we played.


I think I had your album…I remember one track had this massive riff. Might have been track 1

Postscript is really cool mate. You might be into the singer from TAR’s new band Awake now.

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Oh, and please don’t sue me, Disney.

Wim that’s you posing in the top shot with the bass, right?!

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Nice rack.


more similar things.

I wanted to add my country and funk/punk bands but myspace doesn’t link to the music anymore.

Yeah, I started off on bass.
I don’t know about very cool!
I’m the old man in that band.

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I had an audition for a band next weekend but it got called off because all the rehearsal spaces shut themselves down.

Maybe we should rent a proper studio and set up a bunch of glass panels.

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Fix the thread title!

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You’d get stroppy at a drummer who couldn’t keep the beat.

Same same.

Hahaha I have bad form with drummers. I’ve been stuck with giving a few of them the flick over the years. I still feel quite bad about it tbh.

I seem to have bad form with guitar players.

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