Someone Please Save Essendon

The club is completely rotten from top to bottom.

We at least had hope in 2016. At the moment there is none…

For years the club has been plagued by the same issues:

  • Zero expectation setting of the team’s performance with a continual cycle of EFC asking members for patience.
  • Silence from the club’s leadership whenever the club is challenged on and off the field.
  • Unavailability of our key players every season.

Our on-field performance is just a symptom of our poor leadership that has never set any expectation or demanded meaningful progress.

No one envisaged D grade players like Begley, Clark, Mutch, BZT and Guelfi having to play in the same side. But they are part of a club where it doesn’t matter if they lose because there is no real internal pressure to win. They’re essentially set up to fail. This is the very meaning of mediocrity and the toxic performance culture which Essendon is rotten to the core with.

We need the entire leadership of the club replaced.
Bring in people with football acumen who can harness emotion and unite the club rather than spit out business rhetoric week after week, year after year that relieve them of any responsibility.

Someone save us.

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We need a brutal rebuild.


These players will not be around when we challenge again and aren’t giving enough value now.

Hurley, TBC and Hooker are ready for retirement.

We need to go to the draft and get it right. No quick fixes. Get it right.

20 years.

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