Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

Ok IceTemple
This is what I stand for.
The EFC should always be:
Focussed on competitive powerful on-field performance, specific player recruitment and player development.
Appointing the best possible person to lead the various areas of the club
Conduct rolling internal reviews (and external if necessary)
Aspiring to play finals and win premierships
United in purpose off the field
Prioritising member engagement and feedback
Publicly responding to criticism of our club reputation, players and supporters.
Never accept mediocrity
Helping the Bomber squad to be loud and proud for our team
Encouraging players to interact with supporters by visiting all parts of the ground post match
Delivering a supporter experience on interstate trips
Attempting to deliver the majority of member functions at affordable prices
Above all establishing a strong and positive culture by encouraging passion, pride and loyalty in the red and black.


Nice one! I like.


Hi Gai

Thanks for posting on BB. I am interested in your thoughts, but suggest that it is probably not the best strategy for you to post in a thread with this title. It may give the impression to some that you are negative, while the happy clappers won’t see your posts.

Maybe one of the mods could start a thread for Board elections? (I think this was what happened a few years ago. Or perhaps you could find and post in that thread).

OK, I must have missed it. Others may have too. Could you point it out for Gai’s benefit?

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Have discovered it and started getting involved there. Thanks for the heads up though.

The club is fixed. Buy a membership you imbeciles!


No position on ownership of approx 170 poker machines?

EDIT: It’s actually 190 machines. That’s a lot of pensions and pay packets.

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Premiership is in the first line - yay.


“Preparing to win premierships”

So not actually winning them?

I don’t see any accountability in these objectives. Just Wishy washy objectives that the club can tick off, and say they’ve succeeded.

Clearly the board hasn’t learned anything over the last 4 years.


Why are they calling it a company?

That’s the objective for 2021.

We’re not winning the flag next year, no point saying that’s the objective.


Because that is is what the legal entity is !!

Because it is.

At least when it comes to the financial statements, if that is where it’s come from. It’s a ‘company limited by guarantee’. Most sporting clubs are.

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And it protects members this way

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Revenue down 20 mill and a 600k operating loss. Covid hit us pretty hard.

“Deliver a sustainable and enduring premiership culture that is uniquely Essendon”

Does a ‘premiership culture’ mean the achievement of winning premierships?

Because I don’t believe that it does.


Yeah that one sounds like a load of BS.

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