Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1)

Bring in Speirs

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he’ll set a fire up under em, just don’t accept any smokes off him.

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I dunno man, if Melbourne can turn it around, anyone can.


Took the AFL to step in and help out Melbourne for a while… I’m also starting to come around to this belief that we need similar as well.

Which coach are we sacrificing to the afl?

Yep that’s right, only a quick 57 year rebuild and we’re only 22 years into ours.

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Club knew this at the trade table but are backing our cattle in.

We lack a genuine CHF and a genuine smaller forward, maybe two.

Oh they helped us enough already using us as the scapegoat for an entire AFL problem


I never said it would be quick.

But to think it’s not possible, ignores some recent history with teams who were much more farked and irrelevant than we are right now.


The list seems too heavy with midfielders, I guess they’re letting them fight it out, but the list just’s seems way out of balance, we seem to have no prospective forwards beyond Harry.

Baldwin and potentially Reid are prospective forwards

Yeah I get your point PP but my main worry is that we have now gone for almost a generation without an Essendon developed player having never played in a winning final apart from players like Stringer and Shiel from the current list who have with their previous clubs

Melbourne at least won a couple in 2018 before their Prelim debacle. Even Richmond got knocked out in consecutive knockout finals between 2013-15 before a disasterous 2016 before the ultimate success in 2017. At least their list gained consistent finals experience in that period.

All Essendon does is scrape into finals one year, get thrashed then miss the next year or two before repeating the cycle. This inconsistency is a major worry coupled with the same coaching and gameplan issues year in year out that never seem to be addressed. It’s a pattern that is concerning as the cycle never seems to be broken and that in turn could see us extend our barren run for many years to come if things don’t change rapidly.

Sorry if I seemed like a smartarse to you.

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A lot different eras.
We currently have the longest finals drought in AFL era and it doesn’t look like ended soon.
Even garbage clubs over the past 20 years have still managed to squeeze out a finals win or two


Yes, so this suggests we are not ‘close’ to ending this sh*t. But geez, zoom out a bit on Melbourne and Richmond and you start to see decades and decades of constant disappointment, fark ups, false dawns, coach after coach… And no flags. Bulldogs too, on big scale.

My point is, this game seems to go in cycles, but those cycles arent short. They are decades long, and who knows how deep into ours we are right now.

Do I think we’ve been embarrassingly sh*t for too long? Yes, of course.

Do I think this is a uniquely Essendon (or Essington) thing to happen? No, it’s clearly not.

The club will eventually turn itself around, it just might not be any time soon, and there is a real chance that many of us posting here won’t see it. That’s the harsh reality.

But keep in mind, this is all about premierships. The only stat that matters is the 22 years since a premiership. It’s embarrassing that we haven’t won in final in whatever it is, but that’s just an internet meme. Ask St Kilda fans how much comfort they get from their GF appearances and top 4 finishes a decade ago. None. Hell, ask Adelaide fans how much their GF appearance boosted their morale. To them, they haven’t won a flag in 25 years, and that’s all that matters.

Not at all, all good. :+1:


Do you honestly think if we had (like we should have) beaten North in 2014, this thread would read any different? Sure, we could have got to a prelim because Geelong were an easy kill, but Sydney would have tortured us.

I doubt we’d be all ‘No flag for 20 years, but oh well, at least we made that prelim that time.’

We’d most likely just change our parameters to ‘We haven’t won a prelim since 2001!’


To people like us who are a bit older perhaps not but what it does do is destroy a generation of supporters. I strongly believe in the flag or bust concept but I can also understand why no one under the age of 20 would have any interest in supporting us and why people like my son abandoned us. Ki

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I can too, but I don’t think it’s because they haven’t got to see any elimination final wins.

The saga hurt that more than anything else. Our name was toxic for 3-4 full seasons, that’s gonna have an effect on younger supporters, no doubt. Certainly more than our 'havent won a final in…"

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But I think the cumulative affect of failures doesn’t help.
The reason we haven’t won a final is because we constantly fall into 7th or 8th with a barely winning season and a crap percentage (when is the last time we finished comfortably over 100%)
At no time in that 20 years have I ever really felt like we were even a chance to be in the mix and it just gets so depressing thinking about it.
I’m even getting to the point where I’m just thinking why should I bother.

Yeah, I get it. I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t be angry / depressed / disillusioned about it. We should. Absolutely we should. I’m also not saying ‘just be patient’ because we should be impatient. We should demand more from the club.

I’m just arguing:

A) Against the idea that we’ll never ever turn it around, and

B) That nothing short of a flag will cure this pain in our footy hearts.

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