Something seriously wrong with the club

No disagreement from me.
Although bear in mind that is my opinion not a certifiable fact

There are some good people amongst them, but as a collective … … … … … …

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“urgh you guys are such GLOOMERS. Have a look at the world we’re currently in and how it’s affected our footy club. Just relax, it will all magically be better next season when we’ve completed our learnings.”

Ignoring that the world we live in is also affecting 17 other clubs.


I’m actually looking forward to a time when we no longer have any players on the list that experienced the saga. The next group of leaders will then have an opportunity to mould this team into something different, post this season I’d be keen to speed this process up.


How a team can finish 8th, bring in 2 all australians (stringer and shiel), our best and fairest and our best player (smith, saad) and still be ■■■■ is beyond me. These guys have all lived up to expectations too, it tells you it’s a cultural problem and the fall off from our so called Essendon born stars over the same time.


We need fresh Eyre.

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Smith should be captain played in winning finals knows what it takes.

You probably have to look at what we lost not just what we gained. Joe & Fanta have been mismanaged since & of course we have done nothing to replace the size & power we took out of the midfield. Jobe was still averaging close to 5 clearances a game in his last year & even Myers provided some much needed strength in the packs. We added what we were lacking but it was too late & then we created more issues by not having plans in place to replace the players who were retiring. Goddard & even Kelly were very consistent contest winners.

If you could somehow time machine Shiel, Sadd, Stringer & Smith into our 2017 team plus have Francis, McGrath, Parish & Tippa developed & at their best, thats the kind of talent you need to challenge.

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Kelly and Goddard have essentially been replaced by McKenna, Saad and Redman

But it’s mystifying that Parish wasn’t immediately handed Jobe’s spot as our primary onballer. I think losing Jobe highlighted just how poor Bellchambers was at ground level, he plays like he weighs 75kg not 105kg and that forced us to play Myers when we probably shouldn’t have. If the coaches had have held Tommy accountable throughout his career and held his feet to the fire when he wasn’t throwing his weight around he never had developed this bad habit. But I guess tapping the ball down to a bull-like Jobe whilst flanked by Heater would probably lead most ruckman to become a bit lax at ground level

There definitely needs to be a pressure on the club to perform this year.

My personal feeling is that as a club we have been doing a lot of things right of recent times but for one reason or another we aren’t quite getting there.

We analyse everything on Blitz but its just a game and if you strip it back you need the following to be good don’t you.

  1. Talented players via recruiting and drafting
  2. Getting the talented players on the park.
  3. Good coaching that gets the most out of the players individually. Confidence, resilience, leadership and being able to bring that on as quickly as possible.
  4. Good coaching which gets the most of the team, game plan, confidence, ingrained methods on how to collectively attack and defend and win.

Number 2 has let us down pretty spectacularly for most of the decade. This year’s injuries seem a lot more freakish. Its good to see Raz getting confidence back and Joe potentially nearly there. Few soft tissue issues so far which is good.

Getting Caracella was fantastic. I think he’s the best assistant coach in the AFL.

Worsfold I think has been a positive on the groups resilience, less emotional ups and downs, ability to have some negatives happen and to steady the group to pull themselves back together rather than drop their bundle.

I note that he was chatting away to Parish on the bench against Sydney in the third quarter and the ability of Parish to then move from a mediocre game to being a match winner I think says a fair bit about what John expects.

In sport though, nothing builds confidence like winning. We’ve nutted out some ugly wins this year and eventually - especially if Joe and Raz can get back - that confidence can materialize into better and better performances.

I also think Xavier Campbell has been excellent. He’s a pro and the way we have come through the Connor issue shows that our procedures are now some of the best in the AFL.

I fully expected a lot of other teams players to be caught out and about after the holier than thou precedent was set with Connor.

We need to keep winning. This season is a huge opportunity to lift the club.

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In your opinion.

In the clubs opinion.

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This season will have a huge question mark on all involved.
Next season maybe.

tl;dr you need a captain who will have honest one-on-one conversations

Don’t know if we have this kind of captain or not… but interesting article.


The stuff about the Bulls sounds like a desperate exercise in cherry picking, TBH.


Only just saw this, but I’m skeptical of a list that doesn’t include the period of late 90s - 00s Australian cricket where we broke the record for consecutive test match wins twice and won three world cups, twice without dropping a match.


Wow! That’s a great article on leadership.

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We certainly haven’t got this type of captain at the moment.


It seems none of our players are ever prepared to wear contact with the ball in hand.

Everyone either Panic boots it high and long (Hurley example)

Dishes off a handball to someone who is in an equally ■■■■ position as them (Mcgrath example)

Or snaps it around their body with 0 idea where the ball is heading (Zach Merrett example)

Literally none of our midfielders ever wear the tackle to allow our other boys to run and spread.
Its all stagnant handballs that eventually lead to a rushed kick to no one.

I believe thats our teams biggest problem atm.

Maybe Merrett was the one, but a couple of other players didn‘t like their short comings being discussed and slide the knife into his back to the coaches and other players…seen this ■■■■ play out many times in country footy…the green eye monster and player insecurities can take a heavy toll in clubs. Best to just ■■■■ the whingers up and tell them if the cap fits you need to wear it…than allow back stabbing to be an acceptable way of avoiding some home truths.

If this is what happened to Zac to get removed from the leadership group…well that explains a lot

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