Something seriously wrong with the club


Hey Chris - I was just wondering - do you read books?


That’s just taking things too far.


If you exclude our clearances which are considered contested we’re bottom 4. Our clearances are not having any impact either.


We were 12th for clearances last year so that’s not true.


I think we simply lack courage across the board. Courage to cut under performers and courage on the field, courage to challenge decisions by umps or the AFL. We are, at this time in history, a club of followers waiting for our next set of instructions.

It cuts ■■■■■■■ deep saying that, but I cannot see that character trait anywhere in this club.


Only if they have lots of pictures.


A man after me own 'eart.


You must have missed post #18 in this thread. Others who have skipped to the end of the thread should read it for details of why PJ is “all”.


I was ready to scroll right past after reading 1 and 2

Then I got to 3 and it was “lmao spot on”


I wouldn’t be surprised if teams are allowing us hack fed clearances. 3-5 compared to 2-6 is not a great improvement.


When you keep giving back to the opposition like we do then letting us win clearances is a great tactic.


You were hovering pretty low in my esteem @Killer_Mike, but your new avatar sinks you right to the bottom. What a pathetic thing to do. Shame on you.


I don’t know if it’s the best method to play but the games I enjoy and believe are the best display of playing good footy is when it’s contested one on one and players own their space.
We play the complete opposite and move in numbers. Which is probably why scoring from back half is so high for us and our opposition. Our stats have remained pretty constant over 3 years. I assume we’ll again win around 12 games again as that is all the plan can deliver over a season.


Just read it. Great post


No love lost here either.

I think you are one of the most judgemental people on here.

Not afraid to give yourself a pat on the back at any opportunity though.


I thought the Anzac Day game showed what we can do but unfortunately the weight of turnovers got to us in the end.

Fix them up and I think we would be much more competitive.


He’s a troll, pure and simple. Trip got banned for doing less. Time to just ignore him and move on.


I feel like the era of winning twelve games playing predictable football is over. We’re a bottom 4 side. IMHO we’ll end up with 6 wins.


Promises promises


Everyone please read page 22 of the Herald Sun today, its about the AFL. It is a piece on the AFL’s double standards particularly if you have young children playing AFL.

This one takes the cake. I am absolutely confused as to why A “HIGH RANKING AFL EMPLOYEE” would even consider doing what HE who shall forever remain nameless has done.