Something seriously wrong with the club


What’s the underlying motion for that new avatar?


It’s the turning point in our season.


Which way we are now turning?




This thread is going great


Someone is being a dik head



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Not only that i can’t be farked thinking about it anymore.


If people were a little more mature and can respect others peoples right to an opinion then maybe just maybe blitz might not have all this gloomers vs clappers.

Everyone on here loves the club but as soon as you say something that doesn’t align with what some people think you should say you get attacked.

They don’t ever offer a counter argument they generally just attack your post or worse less call you a liar.

It happens far to often but generally it’s just a handful of posters that do it.

We aren’t a great side and haven’t been for a long time so I can understand why the clappers can’t come up with a reasonable argument, other than they are “learning” but there is nothing wrong with people being dismayed at the state of our club right now.

The whole industry is laughing at us at the moment and the club is giving them every reason too.


Or you could shut up, doody-head


You can’t even respond maturely to a fking straight question.


I’m hesitant but won’t be surprised if it gets awfully bad.
Our team on paper I think is better, youngsters have got more experience and the core group is coming to their prime years. We should be so much better but our coaching and skills are bottom 4. Better coaching will improve skills, boost of confidence will greatly improve skills. A few wins will increase confidence and overshadow the coaching flaw. For a long time it feels like every season is the same for us.


Deckham calls me a liar earlier so I produce evidence to back up what I was saying.

Do I get an apology?

Yeah nah


No he didn’t, he questioned whether you had only repeated what you had heard on here. He made the clear about 3 times.


This is a question?

“I’m not sure that’s true.”


You can say that without it being an accusation. Maybe you were misinformed? Sometimes i’ve thought things that have turned out not to be true. And usually i don’t realise until somebody points it out to me. Don’t be so ■■■■■■ defensive.


I said that I heard a direct quote from Pops Kelly.

How can I hear that wrong?


Which was wrong. You heard a quote from Ball and then went on to say that there is a leadership divide based on that, which is also wrong.


He wasn’t calling me out on who quoted on now though was he?


KM will have more posts than me soon and ive been here 15 years ffs