Something seriously wrong with the club


You guys are confirming exactly what I wrote above.

Attack like vultures but when I ask for honesty back you gaslight.


What is doing a gáslight?


manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity


I thought it was something Batman does.


To be fair if you simply posted the quote waaaayyy back when this started it wouldn’t be an issue.


I couldn’t find it at first because I did think it was James Kelly. It was back in Jan or Feb.

I still don’t think it’s reason to call someone a liar.

If you do that I think a simple apology would suffice.

If I get something wrong I always put up my hand.

Some on here don’t have the same degree of respect.


lol considering he stated a few times he wasn’t calling you are liar, then I guess he feels he doesn’t have anything to apologise for. And no you don’t put your hand up to admit when you get things wrong.

So stop carrying on like a petulant child and move on.


Something is seriously wrong with this thread. WTF.


Yes, I wish this rubbish would end.


Let’s all hold hands and go to the Farking Royal.


Yep, time for the ROYAL.




Didn’t know about our objectives lacking a premiership win. Explains a lot, guess they’re doing good?





I’d like to shine a light on our assistant coaches. If we had Brownlow medalists, Premiership players and 300 game players that could teach the standards that were required, I’d be happy.

Just look who we have…

Clean them out.


Ah… Harvey and Kelly


Yes, fair enough. A rush of blood made me forget…I am incorrect by overlooking these two.

Just a very disappointed fan at the moment.

I need a cuddle.


Even when we think we’ve done something better than everyone else reality strikes & we’re left still lagging behind. 2017 trade/draft period was supposed to be ours. We’d messed up most years & missed a few players we’d chased but finally it looked like we’d done better than anyone for at least 1 year. Enter Geelong 2019 who added Jnr & Kelly (star) but now Miers has been playing well & Constable comes out after being dropped & plays a game better than any teen in an EFC jumper since 1993. Its farking depressing. How much"development" could these kids have had that our older players haven’t? It has to be raw talent & we just haven’t seen anywhere near enough of it.
The 2017 crop is starting to look like the superdraft & we may have missed it again. I get thats potential hindsight so I’m not trying to suggest trading was wrong at the time but we traded heavily into one of the worst drafts ever in 2002 so I’m hoping these latest trades don’t haunt us for another generation.


If we had drafted Miers/Constable or anyone else, they would have went backwards in our [anti-] development environment.


That’s true but when you see the same problems and inconstancy every year it’s makes it very hard to get behind the team.