Something seriously wrong with the club


Leadership/culture are the root cause of the cancer that afflicts the EFC… and has done so for a very long time with this underperforming club.

  • President - “nice bloke” but, as coined by Timmy, fish rots at he head. Not that he’s doing a poor job as such but his passive/vanilla style is filtering down to all parts of the club. His appointment at the time was seen as a positive BUT the EFC need a strong voice/presence that DEMANDS EXCELLENCE/STANDS FOR SOMETHING and in turn RAISES REAL EXPECTATIONS, not rhetoric or lip service to the faithful… so sick of the empty words. Speaking of which…
  • CEO - excellent administrative person but questionable credentials when it concerns football related matters. Seriously, with the team regressing and so far removed from stated intent of finals… only heightens his failings in recognising and acting on the head coach’s obvious and known limitations. Giving the bloke a 3 year extension was irresponsible. Should never have been more than 2.
  • Coach - the industry for years have talked about his limitations as a game day coach. Meant to be a good man manager but haven’t seen that either, outside of his “loyalty” to some senior players who should not be getting games. This club/team need someone who DEMANDS EXCELLENCE/PREPARED TO MAKE STATEMENTS OF INTENT. Someone who is brave/daring/imaginative. Someone who can innovate and inspire, not leave it up to players (who seem incapable at this point in time) to create their own meaningful legacy. Someone with an EDGE that has players on high alert. This group need massive doses of direction (how good is it to see Clarkson etc on the boundary coaching/instructing players in game). Seriously, when I heard the coach say preseason he’d make little change to last years game plan my heart sunk. The competition is constantly changing. Look at what the Cats are doing this year…
  • Players - mentally soft and unwilling to work both ways in support of team/team mates (working in numbers). Where’s the resilience? Where’s the determination/heart? Where’s the sacrifice? Feels like the team are just going through the motions and not playing with conviction/dare… this is on the coach who presents as disconnected from the playing group, e.g. can’t say I’ve ever seen him show any emotion to a player/s after a big win


How does this compare to other clubs at the present time ?


Yeah it’s the supporters, who got shat on during the whole saga nonsense, fault.


Yeah…I think I’m prepared to take the blame too…


Pfft. Next you’ll be telling me the other clubs were pharmacologically experimental too.



Ah, we’re back to ‘it’s the supporters fault’ are we?
The ones who kept handing over money to buy a brick, or sponsor a player, or buy a membership they’re never going to use, or just…’look, we’re building a new training facility, can we have some more money?’
The ones who keep turning up without any chance of ultimate success.
The ones who stood up to the AFL, and the media, whether it was through droning out boos of Jobe with cheers, or dressing up as a friggin’ Mexican, or driving from Brisbane to hand out banners of support, or driving from Perth to watch a game…it’s these farking turncoats.

That’s why we’re losing.


Members can’t do jack, well except for voting in some of the directors.


Yeah, I’m not even sure that’s true.


In 2000 we didn’t even sing the club song during the finals series because we lost a prelim final the year before. By a point.

In 2019 we pray to be able to sign the club song against the 18th placed side.


Lol, yeah its our fault

Cmon ross. They would be even worse if it wasn’t for us


I think you know where I was going with this. We are too loyal to the club and the club gives us nothing in return (apart from things to complain about)


Great post. Couldn’t agree more with your sentiments… Essendon doesn’t win, we shout for changes. I’ve been known to suggest changes. all to no avail. Rather than continual criticism, let’s be proactive and encourage our team and every player who “Don The Sash”. The team is under great pressure with so many of the big men going down and now Fantasia out with injury. It is time to support the Club, not be critical and be prepared to praise the good efforts that individual players achieve in each game. Although it may be too late come the bye, but there will be an avalanche of good players returning for the remainder of the season. The way the 2019 season is going, anything could happen.


Wow - where to start in what I’m sure is a well meaning but totally ■■■■ post.

Not many of us are suggesting we sack the whole team.
Rather - most of us are wishing for a coaching staff that can get around them and develop the team.

And to say we are fair weather supporters is an absolute insult and just wrong on any level.

If only there was a “Dis-Like” option on this forum.


It’s true you know.

Whenever you talk to Western Bulldogs supporters, they talk about how hollow the 2016 premiership was. They hired Luke Beveridge only a year before they won their hollow premiership, after sacking numerous coaches.

As a result of this, none of them have ever been able to enjoy it…


The umpiring in the Grand Final made it even more hollow.


Sorry guys a long one, there is allot wrong.

There is a lot that has gone right in the post Saga years, the Woosha era - unfortunately for some i think they blame the saga on most of our issues, for me they stem back to well before the saga, and in some ways the saga covered up some of the underlying issues that had grown out of the end of the Sheedy era.

Looking back at the club history there are many club defining personalities which have shaped the EFC. In the modern era, none more so than Sheedy’s. One of the reasons i believe he was so successful at EFC was because he complimented the long history and culture of the club, whilst also stamping his own brand on it. When people talk about the deep culture and history of the club, one the that stands out to me is how some of these individuals have added features to the club we are all so proud of, none more so than Sheedy’s with out connection to the indigenous culture, marquee games that bring us commercial success and most of all a hard edged swagger that defined the successful era of Sheedy’s time in charge. His team were tough, uncompromising, skilful and innovative, they defined eras in football.

I truly would have loved if Sheeds had been able to sell the board on the 3 year plan with Hirdy as assistant and then handing over to him after. It would have completed his legacy and potentially embarked the club on a rebuild to take us into the future. There is no doubt Sheedy was stale, but as the GWS time prooved, he wasn’t beyond it. The new challenge of teaching a coaching group around Hird would have been a task he would have relished in and brought new vibrancy to his passion.

Instead, Jackson and co decided to go with a new era in the EFC with the appointment of Knights. A true CEOs pick, not a former premiership player or EFC donor backed newbie, a hand picked candidate from the talent of the CEO, developed within the management system. But for me this stunk of desperation, one of a CEO attempting to pin the recent era success on his good management rather than Sheedy’s genius. I truly believe he thought Knights was going to lead to a next era of success because he didn’t believe there was anything special about Sheedy or coaches in general. I believe he thought with time and patience, a half competent coaching that is surrounded by good management, some new draft pick talent and the brand of EFC - it would be enough.

Knight proceeded to destroy the playing group culture and instil one he had learnt from Richmond, one of blame and excuses, never self critical of his abysmal performance or decisions. I believe this was big step in our cultural demise.

The problem we had then, where to next, we were at a crossroads in the clubs history, what would define our future. The problem we had was our new Chairman was son of a great, the CEO was an ejected reject from the Hawks and they clearly were worried about their next move, what would define the future. So they went back to a version of Sheedy’s plan, only this time Sheedy wasn’t there. At first it was the ‘Don’t Make Plans’ Williams/Hird, which progressed into Hird/Williams followed by the Royal Box of Hird/Thompson. The plan seemed OK, but the desperation sank in as time progressed, by 2012 it has been 12 years since a flag, haven’t won a final in 11 years and the club and coaching group start to look for any means to bring back success, we turn to the charlatans of Robinson and Dank on ensue the darkest period in the clubs history the Saga.

Whats interesting in the 2013 season i believe that old culture of EFC instilled into Hirdy and Bomber actually comes through, we fight. But over the subsequent 3 years the AFL, WADA, other club CEO’s, players and journos continually pound the club, coaches and players into a meek shadow of there former selves. But what remains at the end of 2015 is a club and team beaten, one which will give into anybody who puts up a decent fight, laying the blame and excuses internally when things go wrong.

For me, the appointment of Woosha and the 2016 season was the beginning of a cultural rebuild, we had the chance to start a fresh with no expectation and build a brand of footy on field which could set the tone of the club on and off the field for the next 20 years. For the most part, i thought we did that. We demanded performance no matter the personnel, we fought hard when we had no chance of success, we buried Fark Carlton with a bit of swagger at the end of the season, we were on a path to redemption. But we did so without much opposition, almost like they were having a hiatus on smashing the bombers out of sympathy. We are allowed a year to build ourselves back.

What has happened since is the hiatus from the competition has ended and we have let every negative aspect of the previous ten years of cultural demise creep back into the playing group and club. We have played players out of sympathy, we have kept player longer through fear of repercussions. We have pandered to the media, AFL and other clubs. We have been almost apologetic for any positive growth we have had. We capitulate when challenged. We have demonstrated the culture of EFC, built by the early pioneers, fostered by Reynolds, Coleman, Maddern, The Danihers, Watson, Sheedy is now dead. Its an empty carcass, a club with no soul, operating and playing because that is what it does with no understanding of why or for what purpose. We are a club and playing group who has lost their fight.

The good part is, the current group has the chance to build a new era, create a brand and culture from nothing to forge their name in the history of the EFC like so few before them have. But to do that, you have to start with a commitment, one which is uncompromising in application, and for a football club it has to happen on the field. No amount of good management and beautiful balance sheets will do.

To build a winning culture for the future, the players have to commit wholeheartedly to it, but they also have to impose that will and culture on the competition, without it they have no chance of taking the their next flag.

And i can assure you, nowhere in that culture defining would it be - to stand silently watching Rampe mount the goal post, which a i deem to be the AFL community metaphorically raping the EFC, followed up by the umpiring department and AFL management diving in for sloppy seconds whilst we sit in shame afterwards. To let this happen without outrage from the Chairman all the way through the coached to every player on the list is a disgrace.

For ■■■■■ sake EFC, will you bring our Swagger back and tell the competition, AFL house and anybody who get in our face to ■■■■ off. And if they don’t, impose your will on them to until they do, learn to fight once again.


Ah yes. Unbridled arrogance fixes everything.


I’d like to see it.
I nearly said more of it but we don’t have any of it.
Just meek little mices.


I like what you have said and you have tied it into the history. But what do we need to do to fix it? It can’t just come from player determination. It needs to be a cultural rebuild as well. And who of all the nice people at EFC is going to lead that?


You seem to have put a great deal of thought into this post and I respect you sincerely for that.

Apart from the obvious facts you have stated, I cannot agree with the inferences.

In the highly emotive place that is BBlitz, reality is that winning games is the sole criteria for the sanity for most of us. In my case, we win on a Saturday and I am happy until the next loss. Lose in a Saturday and I am not very happy until Monday and then I build up my glee for the next game.

All your theories about Club Culture, Board and CEO are of no reality.

In my view, our best Team has as much talent as any top club. Injuries, umpire, tactics and attitude determine outcomes more than anything a CEO, President or Board ever does.

Some of us have seen the cycles before and while the gap between 2000 and today is too long, 1965 to 1984, 1985 to 1993 and 1993 to 2000 all have reasons, which was about coaches, players and not much else.