Something seriously wrong with the club



OK. I’ll summarise what you have basically said - Essendon is a business first and foremost, sports team is basically secondary to this…

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I think @Albert_Thurgood is closest to it. Seems as though its a nice safe holiday camp for everyone except the supporters. You turn up, nothing much is asked of you, and you get to bask in the cache that goes with being part of a big Melbourne club.
The supporters and donors on the other hand are expected to keep paying for the holiday camp.


Ill chip in a pineapple to the cost if it gets dumped in the carpark.

Pop it in the presidents carspace.

First post on here. Last night was my first interstate game after 25 years of membership. I was totally stunned by the number of Essendon supporters in the crowd. We were loud , proud, plentiful and frankly embarrassed the Swans fans nearby who only got vocal in the last 5 mins. There is something wrong with our club. We all all know this … our inconsistency is hard to explain or feel proud of. But damn our fans are great. There is something wrong at bomberland but it sure as hell ain’t the fans


Heard at VFL today that player # 4 is receving mixed messages re his role; notably that # 23 gets the nod and he misses out. Player # 4 unsure of his role or future.


I’m fairly certain that no one, anywhere, has suggested the fans are the cause of our lack of success.

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Hang on - my apologies. It has been said a great many times that supporters accepting mediocrity is the reason the club has languished.

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On many occasions, I and others have posted that the players are salaried employees (sell swords). It is we the fans who really give a tish. We get nothing but joy and pain. Certainly not $ 500 K per year and free time to spend on the PS4.

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My view has been since midway through last year that a broom needs to be swept through the entire administration from Xavier down to all coaching staff, bar maybe Rutten, that guy must be giggling to himself how much of a comedy our club is and the amateurs that surround him.

I firmly believe both Campbell and Worsfold are stooges and were appointed and answer directly to City Hall. There Is no other explanation for their spineless refusal to stand up for the club and be the leaders they supposedly are. Hard to imagine coaches like Clarkson standing for the shenanigans that occured on Anzac day, nor the goalpost incident last night. We have meek beta leaders at every level, including Heppell, despite being our best player last night…a leader he is certainly not.

Xavier Campbell lost all my respect last year when he apologized to the players about his tweet, all he seems preoccupied with is being ultra PC which is no doubt a directive too.

So much expectation this year, we are an inmature footy club and have learned nothing from last year. Watch how Collingwood responded today when their backs we’re against the wall late. .That’s what good clubs do, they show grit…clubs like ours roll over.

More than Worsfold ought to be held accountable.


Did you think that paying money to football teams was a financial investment?

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Yes there are certainly a lot of supporters. Thats part of the problem. The club hasnt had to work very hard to keep the supporters at all. Even during the saga. The supporters really rallied.
The club IMHO takes supporters for granted. So long as there is an Essendon there will be supporters. They dont have to do anything to keep supporters. Not even win.

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It’s a fact. Not once has he been dropped by a girlfriend.

Thanks mate…and agree not a greatly relevant post. But just venting my frustration that as a fan base we deserve better… especially the long suffering NSW fans. Disappointment and too many Arvo frothys probs not the best context for a debut post!


This Xavier Campbell tweet thing is easily the greatest Blitz beat-up in the history of Blitz beat-ups (and it’s a very very long list). Absolutely unbelievable how it’s incorrectly referred to on here.


I thought he didn’t like girls?

Must really suck to get to only a few games a year and seeing us lose over and again. I’d hate to be in that situation.

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Nahh that award goes to somebody jokingly saying that it’s in myers contract that he can’t be dropped all of the sudden becoming fact.

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There is something wrong. And I’ll tell you what… If the club doesn’t wake up to itself quickly, then

FCFC is gonna waltz right past us in the blink of an eye and we will become the new laughing


Time for tough calls to be made from the top down.

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Oh please. Don’t go down that road.


I’ll take a dump on the front doorstep for 20.

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