Something seriously wrong with the club


Sack the coaching staff would be a good start. They are the ones responsible for giving Worsfold a contract extension that wasn’t warranted at the time.


Not this old farkn chestnut


Reckon my point is missed in all the emotion that BBlitz evokes, or maybe of course I am so farking stupid that I have no idea. Both are possible.

I remember hearing a conversation between James Hird and Matthew Knights when Knights was coach and Hird was saying he didn’t want the job. I was the fly on the wall and it was obvious that they had no respect for each other with the language used and the tone of the conversation. Hird had a a plan and was happy to share with Knights, who didn’t have a plan but didn’t want to listen. I sincerely think that this conversation changed Hirds mind about coaching the Bombers. @Koala and @JBOMBER may recall that I told them about this while we were drinking too much at Crown after the event, and I bet them that Knights would be sacked very soon.

Now I believe Woosha does have a plan, but it is not as good as the Hird plan, who surrounded himself with some very good coaches and then sadly some dodgy support people. We have more talent on our list today than when Hird was coach, better facilities and enormous passion from supporters. We also have control of our VFL team which was not the case back then.

If we win the next 12 games and we make the finals then Woosha is a hero. However if Lindsey and Xav are as good as I think they are then, just making the finals and even winning one is not good enough. The goal should be win two finals or new coach.

I hate Hawthorn, its President, Coach, Players and Supporters much more than Fark Carlton, but I respect there ruthless approach. It started many years ago with their coach and since the 1960’s there have a few lean times, but todays coach is ruthless and they reap rewards due to it.


I do agree with your thoughts but I firmly believe Woosha just looks lost for ideas at times and the message doesn’t seem to be getting through to the players. As a coach he needs to be laying down the law or dropping the players who continually fail to listen. After constantly watching us bomb the ball in long to our forwardline I want to see to see him at one of the breaks threaten to drop the next player who bombs it in without looking. Just seems we make the same errors constantly. The tackling is another issue, is that Worsfold’s domain and has he even asked for a full time tackling coach? Some of these questions need to be asked because we just look so poor in so many areas


I’ve said it in previous threads and it has probably been mentioned in one of the posts above, but the apology tweet to the players last year for hurting their feelings after an abysmal loss sums up our club in 140 characters or less.


In addition to what others have said, Lindsay could start by studying what has worked for Eddie and Boofhead Kennett when they think their clubs are dealt with badly. Their clubs have never experienced 1% of what the AFL dishes up to us, and part of the reason for that is we meekly accept it whereas they kick up an alrighty public outcry.

And we know the #2 thing the AwFL hates most is bad optics.


Dear Ross

Thanks for your email. Rest assured we are doing all we fan to make this club great, everyone is pulling in the same direction and we will be great.
Thanks for your ongoing support

Reckon he has that in his saved folder


Did he really type “fan”? Interesting if he sends that out as a form email.


No, I made that up. I’m saying that would be his stick standard email response. David Evans had a similar one


Be much much more proactive regarding our performances. Has anyone heard from X since the start of the season when we reached 70,000 members?
This week would have been a great chance to show some backbone and ask the AFL for a please explain regarding the no-decision, yet silence.
Why don’t they jump on 3AW or MMM and say how the club is going and where they see it heading in the near future, both on and off-field.

These two are the two weakest weasels we have ever had for the last 30 years.


You only need one figurehead to turn this club around. It’s like finding an Alex Ferguson. Regrettably Tanner, Campbell and Worsfold are not it.

Sheedy as Chairman would be a start.


Have we heard from the club yet on how ■■■■■ we’re going? Does X even exist? Nope didn’t think so.


Whooshes: won’t drop any senior players

Clarkson: Drops former captain and trades 3 four time premiership players.

That’s the difference.


What do you think Worsfold’s plan is?

I watched his From the Coaches video this week and I have never seen anyone look so totally devoid of ideas. All he could say was “keep positive” and “more of the same”.

It left me more depressed than the actual loss.


I’ve stopped watching them too for the same reason. I hope their coaching is better than their videos. If not, I wouldn’t blame the players if they’ve stopped listening.


Good point …

I forgot the quote:

If at first you don’t succeed …

Give up!

No not us …


It’s a slightly different situation though. Those 4 time premiership players have a value on the trade table.


Sometimes you need to look at the opportunity cost. Just because you think you might need something doesn’t mean you keep it because it might be getting in the way of something that is much more useful


I agree but you do actually need a certain number of players on the list too. If you’re getting rid of a senior player and replacing them with pick 90 in the draft i’m not sure that’s great list management.


As you know that is not what I said. I do applaud your great straw man construction though!