Something seriously wrong with the club


What senior players would be pushing for All Australian, at this stage of the season?

Stringer and Saad would be the only 2 players in the discussion because of their consistency… but they wouldn’t come close.

The fact we don’t have anyone is a serious indictment on the senior players. They need to take some ownership, and the club needs to stop scape goating young players after every loss.


Bit hard for us to drop former premiership players.


You need to read between the lines.

The true direction of the club draws a blank.


True but instead we give old hacks who have done nothing in their careers 50 chances


Pretty sure west coast were offering a second round pick for him a couple of years back. Plus you clear out some salary cap space and help to bring in a gun


Different from the old days then, when a whingeing mail/fax would actually elicit a phone call from one of Mark Harvey/Kevin Sheedy/Robert Shaw (yes, I got one from Shaw in the early 00’s - he told me the ones they considered having some merit would be divvied up between the three of them).


Yep. They’ve tried to turn the club into a corporate venture like they do in European Football, but that only works when the club has been successful.

Our club was at its lowest point at the end of 2010 (yes worse than 2015/2016) when only 22000 rocked up to a game against the Bulldogs on a Friday night. We were so far down that only the introduction of Hird, Thompson got the fans back on board. Not sure we can pull another rabbit out of the hat like that again.


We’re talking about now. Not a couple of years ago.


I’m with @Killer_Mike. You people are idiots.


Woosha will never be a hero to me.
Secondly what is our core business?


Core business draws a blank. Highlight is Captain playing 150 games and some new recruits. That should be considered business as usual not highlights.
I honestly look at stuff like that which is Marketing 101, and not even very good marketing, and think we have completely lost the plot.


This. We made $2.5M in profit… there are delusions of grandeur if anyone at the club is focused on trying to turn it into Manchester United from a corporate perspective… there just isn’t the revenue.

They’re certainly doing a Man U from an onfield performance perspective, mind you


I’m talking about how poor we have been for a number of years. You cant delist Myers now because he is contracted so now it is not worth it, but we’ve had chances to make touch calls and failed each an every time




We were lucky to retain any players in 2016. I think you need to take the context into account.


…with respect to all those long-suffering supporters


Thank you


This is where the press see us as a club, less desirable than FCFC…

…seriously, no senior official is blameless when it gets to you this point.

Did Dylan Shiel choose the wrong club?

Essendon star Dylan Shiel would have been better off choosing rival Carlton, and not the Bombers, according to one man.

Shiel has been in great form since joining the Bombers late last year but on The SuperFooty Podcast, veteran Herald Sun reporter Jon Anderson said he believed the hard runner might have further prospered at the Blues.

“He picked the wrong club,” Ando said.


Ando? ANDO? We’re referring to journalists by nicknames in print these days.

Fark me, that Talking Footy show from the 90’s has a lot to answer for. That infernal show was the first that I can recall to include a print journo (Sheahan) in its start-to-finish line-up. Prior to that you wouldn’t have known any of these jokers if they stood up in your Weet-Bix in the morning. Ever since, we’ve had an endless procession of them rammed down our throats to the point where chummy nicknames (Robbo, Scoop, Ando etc.) are bestowed on them. Fark right off…


Fun fact:

“In April 2010, Anderson was arrested and charged for Drink Driving and Careless driving after reversing his car through the back of a Pizza shop. He was recorded with a blood alcohol limit of .139 Following this incident, Anderson’s “At the Bar with Robbo and Ando” column was dropped.”