Something seriously wrong with the club


A pisshead journo. That’s a first…


Jacko Jackson calls them “a pubic hair”


He’s right…


That’s funny…

Also, my post was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek… should have put in the /s… no one gets too p7ssed at anything posted in the HS


Not really. They got nothing for them really.


He’s right. Shiel did choose the wrong club. As did Stringer, Smith and Saad.

Starting to think we all chose the wrong club!


And Goddard.


Love how people react to it

If you asked me who will be more advanced in 3 years, id say carlton. Their young players are better than ours. Its sad


Fark Carlton’s list is seriously overrated.
And Anderson is a nob.

He picked Geelong against us by 114 points one week.
I emailed him and offered a margin bet at $10 per point on that.
To his credit, he emailed me back.
It was telling that he didn’t understand that pretty simple concept, though.


I love that you emailed him over his tip. :joy:


This has become the latest meme, but is it even true

Woosha has moved on,


Even Watson, Cooney and Kelly

He’s cut a few old blokes every year, just not Zaka and Myers therefore he doesn’t move old guys on. It’s a fallacy.


I thought it was disrespectful and called him out on it.
Again, it was ultimately frustrating because he was exactly as stupid as the tip suggested.


Stanton, Goddard, Cooney…so done.
Dempsey is the one anomaly.
Hocking, Howlett, Bird, tough run-with players.


Exactly he’s moved then on when cooked and old.

Off the top of my head Bags was the only 30 yo on our list at the end of last year. Maybe I’m missing someone.

Edit - Hooker turned 30 last October.


I don’t think it is ‘exactly.’
He plays old players until he literally can’t play them anymore, and he doesn’t play accountable mids.


Probably wouldn’t be worse than, than those playing. Give it a crack.


Without inside knowledge or having witnessed anything first hand…

Think the main issue with Worsfold is a disconnect with the playing group. In “jest”, Goddard said the coach was vanilla yet, it’s easy to see why. The blokes messaging can best be described as, a monotonous, monotone loop. Same old, same old, dry uninspiring words. And I make this point because that’s the persona he emanates in public which, in all likelihood is what he’s like behind closed doors.

A standout feature of successful coaches these days is the relationship/bond (humanise) they form with their players and let’s face it, today’s generation of player seems to respond better when they feel a connection to their coach or feel like their coach is invested in them. There are no visible signs of players and coach bonding in a meaningful/personal way at the EFC. It’s all business with Worsfold. He presents as removed/distant from the group and expects, as professional AFL footballers, they simply follow him without establishing a bond he seems emotionally incapable of doing. It’s just not his thing…

Unfortunately, it looks like players and coach are not on the same page and Worsfold’s stoic persona is not one that motivates, inspires the group… a group lacking identity, which falls on the coach.


This is what’s wrong with our club.
Let’s not over complicate it by using words such as “Sheedy”, “Knights” and “Saga”.
Take a look at our 2017-2021 Strategic Themes:

  1. Deliver best practice Member & Supporter experience
  2. Identify and strengthen key commercial relationships
  3. Deliver genuine community outcomes, participation and engagement
  4. Develop and embed unique EFC football philosophy
  5. Responsible financial management & maximise investments
  6. Drive purposeful innovation
  7. Establish clear and enduring brand position
  8. Strengthen industry relationships
  9. Create high performance people culture

There is nothing about winning games, making finals or our next Premiership.

Hopefully, in 2022 when we get a new lot of things to focus on, trying to “win a flag” can be squeezed somewhere in the top 9.


You don’t have to be 30 to be cooked.


If @Deckham really is that far off understanding your point, you might want to rephrase your point. For all of us Deckham-level and below readers.