Something seriously wrong with the club


I thought his response was just perfect :wink:


Brutal take there from Jon “Drive Through” Anderson.

How will the club recover?


A further example today of some of the things that are wrong with the club. Just like JD last year, blind freddy could see from his 1st outing that Smith was not right. Rather than get him right we persist with a hampered player & lose anyway. Now the issue is forced & he’ll miss 6-8 weeks (at this point) & who knows what from there. Get the farking players right, don’t farking play obviously injured players & don’t keep being so farking stupid to think that continuing to play will see injuries cure themselves. We have seemed to make these poor choices far too often. Is it desperation or poor management?

Edit - stop farking around with chronically injured players - send them overseas to have specialists get them right or trade/delist them. We can’t keep hoping that our medical people will find the answers when there’s good reason to believe they are lagging behind like the rest of the club. FFS Hawthorn get Scully back on the park playing decent footy when he was supposed to miss most of the year - we struggle to get Laverde up for more than a few weeks.


Good coaching is also about creativity. Every good coach has been creative. They have to be, they have to be able to come up with creative ways to defeat an opposition that at times very few others can defeat. And they have to be able to create that particular strategy based on the ability and creativity of the players they have at their disposal.
I have not seen anything in any move or statement from our coach that indicates any notion of creativity whatsoever.


Yep completely misunderstand their core business. Or is it us who misunderstand the core business?
Maybe the core business is no longer football?
And as for point 4, I wouldn’t want our unique “football philosophy” to be embedded anywhere else. Bad enough we have to put up with it.


Lav is a poor example. His injuries have mostly been contact/collision injuries. Not soft tissue or joint complaints.


Ah he missed the start of last year with a severe hammy injury 8-10 weeks.


Did you miss the “mostly” part?


For a while I thought it was; get ball, handball or kick backwards, then long bomb to Walla, only when he has two opponents.


winning games of footy leading to a flag


He followed that up with another hammy injury in June last year & thats what has cost him the significant time on the sidelines. I think its fair to say that soft tissue injuries have been the issue for him of late. His current injury is ankle ligaments so again soft tissue.


There was an Essendon supporter at the 2001 Grand Final with a banner saying Arrogance.


Again bit of a long bow blaming the club for a rolled ankle.


You’d like to think so. But thats not apparrent from club documents


The best programs in the competition are led by ruthless ■■■■■■ who have no interest in sentimentality.

Both Scott brothers sacked long time club servants like Harvey, Petrie, Chapman, Kelly, etc. when their time was up. Clarkson has been ruthless with Hodge, Mitchell, Roughy.

We keep blokes like Myers for years past their use by dates.

The best teams in the comp over a long period of time (Geelong, Sydney, Hawthorn) all push the rules right to the edge. You’ll never catch one of their players picking up the ball and returning it to their opponent, they spend their lives on the edge of the rules and they are ruthless about it. They scrounge every centimetre that they can get.

We started to do that under Hird but we crossed a pretty significant line when we started playing around with substances that pseudoscience quacks and anti-ageing clinics play in like AOD-9604. We need to bring back that hard, ruthless, boundary pushing edge but put in guide-rails so that we don’t take catastrophic risks, only the ones with limited consequences.

Whatever it takes (within limits).

Otherwise we’ll always be middle of the road.

Woosha was a ruthless competitor but I think he’s gone soft. One big question I have is in this day of all the leading coaches sitting on the bench with their teams with tacticians in the box why does the bloke who calls himself a great man manager but ■■■■ tactician sit upstairs for our games??


The point being that we get Lav up and running fine and he finds other ways to be injured. That’s not the fault of the medicos as your post suggested, that just a bad body, and all clubs have players that fall under that banner, not just Essendon.

Our medicos did a great job getting Smith playing all last year, didn’t hear you complain then, but this year he has aggravated his knee problem and we have been trying to manage that but he has further tweaked it. Medicos are sending him to specialists to determine what the issue is and how to fix it. Exactly what you want them to do.

It’s fine to have a go at the club over some issues, but don’t just dump on them when you (plural) really haven’t got a clue. None of us here are medicos and none of us are at the club and working on the players. Assumptions don’t resolve things.


And we are still trying to rebuild from that with the AFL breathing down our necks the whole time. AFL don’t watch the other clubs as closely they do ours.

We can try and push the the edges but you can bet the AFL are sitting there saying “not that far”, while turning a blind eye to the other clubs doing it.


Before I went to San Francisco earlier this year, I thought that my core business was to make products and sell them at a profit.

Not according to the Investment World; as in order for me to get more funding to make more product to sell, we need to show a “concept” that can market capitalise to one billion dollar turnover. No need to have a real product, no actual customers, no patents and no real plan. Now we have developed this BS, investors want to talk to us.

So maybe EFC is just doing the new age market driven “core business” thing, and actually it only exists to have the concept of winning flags by building membership of one billion.


Ummm, I assume that wasn’t directed at me?


Yeah JBomber, sorry