Something seriously wrong with the club


I’m pro-arrogance.
Doesn’t even have to be deserved.
How arrogant was Parker?

Tell me that hurt them.


Yeah i don’t mind it. Smith is full of it.


I bet you’ve had it rolled up in the cupboard since then. :wink:


Not really.

Was Bomber creative when Geelong were winning flags? nope
Was Sydney or West coast? Nope

What makes good coaches is good players.

Good players win flags.

Of course having both is the aim and it is also possible that a really good coach could win a flag with a less talented team but not a massively less talented team.

We overrate our list (And for the first time in a decade i did this year also) and Worsfold takes too much of the heat from Blitzers claiming that “we have a top 4 list”. We don’t and we aren’t even close to it.

I don’t think he’s that great a coach but he certainly isn’t as bad as what he is made out to be on here.

I don’t have all the answers but if this year ends up being like it looks like it’s going to end up i think we may have to cut deep, starting with Dodoro and making some really tough hard decisions on players also.

If Worsfold is also one of those tough decisions, so be it but if he is the only one or one of very few, i doubt we will be much better, if any better off.


Pretty sure the banner said “Sheer arrogance” & it was in reply to Matthews stating that EFC supporters were arrogant after 2000. Luckily Brissy supporters & players showed zero arrogance during their reign :wink:

FFS even some Dogs supporters were arrogant after they won the flag - its almost an earned right or maybe its simply the perception of losers.


You love arrogance when it’s one of yours. But hate it when it’s shown by others - especially when the others are winning, or even worse are beating you.

I just want to see (again) Essendon run on to the ground and be dripping with raw unbridled confidence because they know they are a genuinely strong side.


Yep - I want to get back to where everything we do is considered arrogant simply because its done well. Not hubris but that level of competence that is envied & begrudgingly respected.


Reckon we should start with the rule that if you’re under 6 foot you can’t put your hand up to play CHF.


But hasn’t Alwyn got a few kids to come through?


This looks and feels like a Public Sector organisational philosophy.


I put back in what the EFC comms department and their consultants took out.

  1. Deliver best practice Member & Supporter experience…by winning flags
  2. Identify and strengthen key commercial relationships…by winning flags
  3. Deliver genuine community outcomes, participation and engagement…by winning flags
  4. Develop and embed unique EFC football philosophy…by winning flags
  5. Responsible financial management & maximise investments…by winning flags
  6. Drive purposeful innovation…by winning flags
  7. Establish clear and enduring brand position…by winning flags
  8. Strengthen industry relationship…by winning flags
  9. Create high performance people culture…by winning flags


The public sector I worked in would be shredded for using such wank words. Imagine the squirming before a Senate Estimates to be asked what purposeful innovation means.
The club needs to stop hiding behind the marketing jargon and tell the members about the concrete steps it is taking towards winning.


I think more now than ever it’s about coaching and systems.

Sure in the 1990s and 2000s it was nearly all about players with their talent and hunger but some of the players to win a flag in the past 3-4 years show that its more about system


That’s almost as fun putting ‘in bed’ at the end of every quote in the little flip day calendars.


I’m talking about sacking the entire team.
If you read the commentary here, just about everyone has to go.

As for the coach.
The fish rots from the head.
A needed change to any one individual when redemption seems so unlikely, is a no brainer.


And yet two recent teams kept the rotten head and replaced all the scales and won premierships.




I agree. Very very good players alone might win a premiership but so will a very very good team of average to very good players who are well coached to play according to their abilities and taking into account the ablities of the opposition…


A champion team will always beat …

Problem is, we don’t have a team of champions and we don’t have a champion team either.


You would have spewed if your pizza was delayed because some dork crashed into the shop.