Something seriously wrong with the club


I just hope none of our players read comments like yours.

When the going gets tough …

Whinge, Whinge, Whinge

Everyone around here seems to think about our team in isolation.
As we change, everything around us changes.
Rules change.
The teams we play are changing and face their own dilemmas.
When two teams meet that both desperately want to win, who wins?

Sliding doors.

How many coin tosses have we won this year.
I think you will find that we have lost more than our share.

Should we fire Heppel because he can’t win a toss.

Sometimes, unlikely though it is , heads will come up 6 times in a row. Sh#t happens.

We are better than we appear to be.
It will happen.




I think the answer is pretty obvious and pretty damning and probably the biggest reason why he should go


Essendon players walking off after a disappointing loss


Completely and utterly agree!!


Given each coin toss is an independent event, the probability of six straight heads is equal to getting three heads and three tails, or any other permutation of heads/tails.


Now, lets have a look at the geelong, richmond and hawthorn model. Il give you a hint, it involves winning, and flags. What a fkn utter joke that corporate jargon bulls*it above is for us. To not even put something about on field success, sums this fkn club up. It makes me SO angry when you look at other clubs. THEY get it. they get whats important. Establish clear and enduring brand position??? Drive purposeful innovation? WTF does that garbage even mean? Clearly, that rubbish and stregthening OFF FIELD stuff is clearly more important than winning a fucken flag, or a final. This is WHY we have a culture problem. Its the #1 example


Posted this in another thread last night but it probably actually belongs here:

The big issue has to be the culture throughout the entire club. We don’t have that cut throat will to win. I can’t imagine the radio silence we have put out regarding the shaking of the post would have happened under Sheedy or previous presidents. Off the back of the saga it seems the culture has become one where it is more important to be liked by other clubs and the afl rather than be feared. This comes out in the fact the skipper and a senior leader can share a laugh after a horrible loss to the team on the bottom the ladder.

As a club we need to get our ruthlessness back. Until we do that we will never be anything more than a nice middle of the road club. Think back to the marshmallow final - Sheeds drew a line in the sand that night and said we weren’t going to be pushed around anymore. 2 seasons later we had the best year a club has has ever had. That’s the only solace I can take at the moment- things can turn around quickly.


I’m not sure this is actually true. In fact, i’ll give you 2-1 odds on a $10,000 bet that if we toss a coin 6 times it won’t be 6 heads.


I agree with most of the comments that have been posted on this topic.

Please just remember that things can turn around very quick in the modern game.

I hope I’ll be quoting this message sooner rather than later


That’s not how it works.
He’s saying 6 heads is the same odds as HTHHHT.
They’re all equally likely, but none of them are anywhere near 2-1 odds.


Got it. Sorry i miss read what he wrote. That is correct.


This epitomises why I started this thread.
Its the club, not the just the team thats the problem.


Only if you have a coach as footy-smart, inspirational and motivated as Sheeds.

Not only is there no-one like that available, right now we have the opposite of that.


Richmond and Collingwood.
Saints also did it at the end of last season


That is a completely different assertion, to which I agree.

It’s hard to explain without getting overly mathematical, but you are saying out of all possible events it will not be this one. (Probability = 1-0.5^6, close enough to 1).

What I’m saying is that, with a 50/50 coin, each possible combination is equally as likely as each other. Which is also true, or else, it wouldn’t be a fair way to choose who kicks to what end.


It is true.

For you to win your bet, you will have to nominate the order of heads and tails in the 6 tosses. That has the same probability as 6 heads.


Dead on the money westozzie. Sat with the Perth mob at Anzac last year, we didn’t do em proud, but what a dedicated bunch of supporters. And so devastated by thst loss.
Lindsay’s a nice guy but we need a leader right now, someone outspoken with a long association at the club. It’s obvious that we want to be loved and that just isn’t the way. No one ever loved the Hawks. They didn’t care either


There are coaches like that our there. We just need to show some balls cut our losses with Worsfold and find the best candidate to turn around our soft underbelly of a club


Heres the priority of even a loser club like farkcarlton