Songs you haven't heard in years



Done. Didn't seem to be a decent vers of the original, but just for you, I took a 2nd look.. :wink:


Now for that period's polar opposite of it ...




Contemporary context has ruined that song.


Wasn't a song that I ever warmed to from them, until I went and saw them live. Killing an arab was amazing live to end an incredible set.




Supergrass had a couple of moments but I expected more from them.


Blues & western


Great song with special guest.





I always assumed it was referencing Camus The Stranger, where the French seemed to think it was a lesser crime to kill an Arab back in 1940's


Can't stand Jebediah, yet his Bob Evans stuff is OK. What's the difference? I think that it's the appalling whiny sneer he adopts for Jebediah - it sounds like being trapped in a swarm of mosquitoes. When he actually sings properly he's bearable.


was reminded of this one recently. Great cover.


That may be true but the meaning will inevitably be thought of as something sinister in 2017. Not sure The Cure would even play it anymore for those kinds of reasons.


Hadn't heard this in years until tonight on way home from work.