Songs you haven't heard in years



Take it easy!


To be completely honest, I always thought the Eagles were pretty meh. Some truly boring songs like Best of my Love, some okay songs like Lyin’ Eyes, but nothing that ever set my soul on fire. Hotel California was great … until you got to the guitar solo…




Each to their own I guess.
Soft Country Rock is not for everyone.

What can’t be argued is the level of talent in that band.
Has there ever been a band with 2 lead guitarists as good as Don Felder and Joe Walsh ?
Has there ever been a better vocalist drummer than Don Henley (ok, ok, I’ll give ya Phil Collins who is a much better drummer) ?

Has there ever been a band with the number of singing options that the Eagles had ?
Case in point…‘Take it to the Limit’ sung by the 3rd best singer in the band, Bassist Randy Meisner.
Wait till the end when he hits the highs (4.20)…


That harmonic, though…

Journey of the Sorcerer is my favourite.
Concerto for orchestra and banjo.


Johnny Marr is a musical god. Check out this live rendition of How soon is now without Morressey. Gotta be one of the finest live TV performances I’ve heard from any artist. The detuning of his guitar (3:16) whilst using a capo mid solo makes me shake my head in amazement.











I nearly lost my ■■■■ when this came on the radio this evening. Such a classic! Haven’t heard it for years, but one of those songs that you never forget the lyrics to.



So I have been re-visiting PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me this week.

It’s an album that I loved back in the day, but one I haven’t returned to for literally years. Somehow it gets lost between the amazing debut, Dry, and the success of To Bring You My love.

At the time it was quite controversial, with Albini’s production not being everyone’s cup of tea.

Anyway. I’d always considered (except for the brutal opening cut) that the core of this album was the stuff between the 2 versions of Man-Size. Listening now though it’s clear that it was all meaningful to me, and I struggle to identify any particular stand out tracks, or any weak ones.

It’s also obvious to me that the equipment I’m listening to music on these days (headphones, bluetooth speakers) really aren’t cutting it. The depth of sound on this album needs more. And I’ve dug out the old CD player to listen to it properly.

In hindsight this album is a brutal piece of art, and so far removed from what Polly Harvey has done recently. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t experienced it.

And here’s a track for this thread.