Songs you haven't heard in years



Not huge fan of her recent stuff, but “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea” is just about my favourite album. Every song is memorable.




and while we’re on the two Coreys…


You won’t get much argument from me there. I think Stories from the City… is quite likely her best album. Dry means more to me, but that’s just because I was 19 when it came out and it changed my world. But I love SFTCSFTS, and probably return to it more than just about any other album.


Love that song. And also his version of Baby I need your lovin.


and just because this thread needs video


and …



Don’t think I’ve heard this since around the time it came out.


Today heard the song YMCA - sung in Mandarin.



@bomber_girl reminded me of this…



one of my colleagues has turned up to work today wearing a shirt with pink flamingos on it. So now this song is in my head. So now it can be in yours as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched River fairly recently and enjoyed it. The song I remember from it is “I Love to Love” from Tina Charles (not to say The Nolans weren’t there too, but this is the one I was humming afterwards.)


You’ll all hate me for this one… :laughing:


It was another time folks. Don’t judge me.

As for the lead male vocalist, hello ladies…