Songs you haven't heard in years



Odd question, … this being simply songs you haven’t heard in ages, thread, … … what’s to troll?? :thinking:

But I liked the few songs I heard from her back when I was 14 well enough, yeah. I’d already started getting away from Pop by then, 2JJ from Sydney, … then Thank God, … EON FM started around the same time) and Lene was suitably different and quirky.

Remember liking this one a little more tbh.

Always associate it with this one, …

And this.

All very un mainstream when released around 1979.


And while I’m on the subject , …





Buddy Miles went ok


Electric Dreams anyone remember it?


the movie, the song, or both?!

(very much like either :slight_smile: )


Something very addictive about that music.


Phil Oakey is unlistenable.
He’s flat.


Real eclectic electric dreams.


That’s come up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify this week.




Show No Mercy - that guy…with the head.


I only knew you for a while
I never saw your smile
Till it was time to go
Time to go away (time to go away)


Really dug this song as a young kid growing up

Funny how things go full circle, youngest son playing his PS4 the other night & it was a backing track to the game he was on !!


A girl who’s voice was once described as a mixture of foreplay and bourbon


That cassette was a resident in those carriers that hold 10-12 In my car for two or three years.
Good album.


The Discover Weekly playlist on my Spotify throws in a few chestnuts occasionally. This one long forgotten.