Songs you haven't heard in years


What I like most about it is that the bassline is pretty much the background music from the video game “Moon Patrol”, just in a bass register.


Always liked this off the Footloose Soundtrack…

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Toss a Coin


First 1.15 dedicated to my very good friend @BAAKKEERRRR

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That 1’15" worth must surely be just about the pornosoundtrackiest pornosoundtrack that ever pornosoundtracked…

It also must be just about the 80’s-cheesiest 80’s cheesy-sounding thing that was ever 80’s cheesy-sounding.
Awful sax? Check.
Melodramatic keyboards? Check.
Reverbed piano muzak? Check.
Jesus, I was waiting for Michael McDonald or Christopher Cross to walk onstage.

I endured 1 min 15 sec of it. Buggered if I’m wading through 10 min of it…

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1’15" mark…

Actually 0’05" mark if I’m completely honest…

Harsh…I knew that the beautiful sax work at the start would trigger you…but to attack the rest as well.

Shame on you @BAAKKEERRRR!!!


Love the song, love the clip.

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Great song and clip :ok_hand: