Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”

Fantastic article!

for sure prisoners with tracking devices have more freedom than athletes why the hell do they put up with it ??

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Technically yes the rules apply to every athlete

and they always feed you that sanctimonious line …if you aren’t doing anything wrong then you will be okay…its all about control & we need to practice some civil disobedience en masse until they get the message that we will not be controlled …they make these stupid rules all the sucks in society go along with them because they are “for our own good” another phrase to watch out for …& remember it isn’t a conspiracy “theory” if it is actually happening it may be a conspiracy though…


wouldn’t it be unfortunate if every club in australia contacted asada simultaneously and crashed their system?

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another one by Bruce Francis:

29 May 2017

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Sport

Dear Minister @GregHuntMP,

CC: …@TurnbullMalcolm @TraceyLeeHolmes @athleteslawyer

Re: CAS Corruption

Yesterday, I provided you with irrefutable evidence that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) panellists were inept and/or biased. Today, I am providing you with two examples of CAS corruption.

My dictionary defines corruption as “the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased”.


• March 9, 2012: Dank sent Hird an SMS advising that he would start intravenous treatments next week, and Thymosin.

• March 14, 2012: Dank sent Hird an SMS advising that the first 7 intravenous treatments done.

• March 21 2012: Dank sent Hird an SMS advising that ‘another 7 players were given intravenous treatments tonight’.

• March 26 2012: Dank sent Hird an email that detailed the names of 21 players whose intravenous treatments would be completed by Wednesday March 28, 2012. Invoices from Skinovate indicate that the intravenous injections were for vitamins B and C

• April 3, 2012: Dank sent an SMS to Hird advising him that we will be getting Solcoseryl

• April 3, 2012: Dank advised Dr Paul Spano, the proprietor of Skinovate [where the intravenous vitamin B and C supplements were given] that the players’ upcoming hyperbaric treatments at HyperMED ‘will be done with low dose naltrexone’.

• April 15 2012: Dr Spano sent Dank an SMS asking him to strongly reconsider the use of Melanotan as there is more downside than upside in its use and it was probably not helping the Essendon players.

• NB All of the above information was obtained from ASADA’s interim report.

Evidence of wrong-doing by CAS – Example 1:

Paragraph 126 of the Court of Arbitration for Sport Arbitral Award (the CAS ruling) states: ‘In a text message on 12 April 2012, Mr Dank told Mr Hird, "all … injections completed’, and a week later on 19 April 2012 wrote, "all injections completed for the week”’. NB CAS left out eight key words from the 19 April 2012 text which enabled it to conclude that the Thymosin injections had been completed.

My Comment:

  1. CAS concluded that Dank was referring to Thymosin on the basis of what Dank said in his 9 March 2012 SMS viz “he would start intravenous treatments next week, and Thymosin”.

  2. References from the interim report indicate that Dank was very open with what he was doing. He discussed a number of substances with non-Essendon people.

  3. Dank never indicated that he commenced administering Thymosin. He couldn’t commence administering either Thymomodulin or Thymosin Beta-4 until mid-May 2012 because neither was available until then.

  4. The CAS panel was corrupt in that it omitted eight words from the April 19, 2012 text, which enabled it to imply that the Thymosin injections had been completed. As it transpired, in that 19 April 2012 text, Dank was referring to Cerebrolysin injections administered by Dr Hooper at his HyperMED clinic. The 19 April 2012, text from Dank to Hird said: “This afternoon’s group went very well on hyperbaric. All injections completed for the week.”

  5. Invoices from HyperMED indicate that Dr Hooper administered 32 Cerebrolysin injections and 112 amino acid injections during this period. The amino acid, which was bought in the United States, not Mexico, as claimed by ASADA, was tested and did not contain any variety of Thymosin.

Example 2:

Paragraph 134, point (3) of the CAS decision states: On 11 January 2012, Mr Charter asked Mr Dank what peptide he needed next, to which the response was TB-4, quantity being 20 times 5ml vials, being confirmed the next day(my emphasis)

My Comment:

  1. It was corrupt and a lie for the CAS panel to state that Dank confirmed the next day that he wanted TB-4.

  2. The CAS panel quoted Dank’s 11 January response correctly. However, Dank retracted his order the next day and said that he wanted 20 vials of Thymosin (my emphasis) at 5ml per vial”.

  3. It is indisputable that the panel was claiming that the next day Stephen Dank said he wanted 20 vials of Thymosin Beta-4 [compounded] at 5ml per vial. The claim by the panel was a lie. Page 24 of ASADA’s interim report states that the next day “Mr Dank sent Charter an SMS seeking 20 vials of Thymosin (my emphasis) at 5ml per vial”.

  4. Dank claimed, as did senior ASADA official, Dr Stephen Watt in an email to WADA on 3 July 2012, that Thymosin was the generic name for the permitted Thymomodulin. Dank was quoted in the interim report using Thymosin on numerous occasions. He was only quoted using Thymosin Beta-4 once, and he retracted it the next day (12 January 2012)…

  5. It was duplicitous and unconscionable for the panel to combine a selection of words from the 11 and 12 January texts, with the corrupt use of a comma, to create the false impression that Dank confirmed on the following day that he wanted Thymosin Beta-4.

  6. Dank used the word Thymosin, not TB-4 (Thymosin Beta-4) as stated by the panel. This corrupt action alone by the panel should have be enough for someone in authority with a sense of decency to demand that the president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport declare this panel’s guilty finding null and void.

Minister, such corruption from a panel that included the former Chief Justice of the New South Wales Supreme Court demands that if you have any sense of decency, you will stop claiming that all allegations have been addressed, and you will create a Royal Commission that is tasked with investigating corruption and/or misconduct by the AFL, ASADA, WADA, CAS, VWA, ADRVP and the Ombudsman’s Office.

Yours faithfully

Bruce Francis


Terrible news. Mr Demitriou’s firm Aquire Learning has been pinged in the Federal Court for unconscionable targeting of vulnerable students. Article from ABC website follows.

"Controversial vocational education broker Acquire Learning has been fined $4.5 million after the Federal Court found the company misled vulnerable students, by convincing them to sign up for courses they were unlikely to complete.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took legal action against the company in 2015, alleging it had engaged in unconscionable conduct and breached consumer law with its telemarketing sales.

In August last year, the ABC’s 7.30 program revealed fresh claims that the company was contacting unemployed people who signed up for job alerts with Career One.

The brokers, who were paid $20.20 an hour plus incentives of cash and prizes, told students they could help find them their “dream job” in their local community, and that the Government would cover the costs.

Private training colleges would hire Acquire Learning, and pay them a cut of the Federal Government funding they would receive through the HECS-style loan scheme called VET FEE HELP.

Federal Court Justice Bernard Murphy said while the company only admitted to making calls to eight job seekers, it admitted that the calls were not made by rogue employees but were part of its core business model.

“I infer that these eight instances were not isolated examples,” he said.

“Acquire admits that it used undue pressure, unfair sales tactics, made false and misleading representations, did not provide an opportunity for the job applicants to consider the suitability of the courses being offered.”
Justice Murphy said the company did not tell applicants they would owe a debt to the Commonwealth.

He said Acquire Learning was “unconscionable” in its targeting of vulnerable students.

“Some job applicants disclosed that they had a learning disability including difficulty reading, mental illness, an inability to complete other education courses, or had only completed school to year seven or ten,” Justice Murphy said.

"One job applicant had difficulty understanding and speaking English.

“Notwithstanding this, Acquire induced them to enrol on the spot in a course which they were unlikely to be able to complete and/or which was unlikely to assist them to obtain better employment than if they had not enrolled.”

The company, which was chaired until recently by former AFL head Andrew Demetriou, went into voluntary administration earlier this month.

It was also a major sponsor of Carlton Football Club through Career One, before pulling out of the deal this year.

Justice Murphy said he considered imposing a higher penalty, but considering its “parlous financial situation”, believed $4.5 million plus costs would act as a suitable deterrent."



Bastion as a business probably doesn’t look so good now either for sports advertising contracts with that dodgy fat fark a director.


Would that be the same Mr Demetriou who denied he had tipped off David Evans that the ACC report mentioned Essendon? Who would have believed that? Indeed I thought the Federal Court had cleared him of any wrongdoing. At least that is what he said repeatedly after Justice Middleton’s decision.

It makes me wonder whether I can now believe anything the AFL ever said about Essendon. What a shame, because I thought it was time to move on.


Every Director from Acquire should be disallowed from holding Directorships at any other Corporation. Can’t believe this wasn’t imposed. Would teach that fat fark a lesson. Guy has made his career through sheer nepotism. Talentless hack.


DJR, now if one was into conspiracy theory, one might say, that is much more than mere coincidence.

But; you and I know, the ASADA’s reputation is beyond repute. They would never, ever, do anything like untoward like that!

Seems Demetriou received a tip-off recently then.
Sure knows his way around the systems.

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The Buckley /Demetriou company, Beyond Boundaries, is on the nose in NSW for favouring a Crown company ( another Demetriou Directorship) The AFL is a BB client.
Demetriou probably learnt from Fitzpatrick, who owned half of the ANZ Stadium lease involving deals for playing AFL games there.
Might be a Commission tradition, before that, a certain VFL President had to be dissuaded from being involved in ground catering and cleaning contracts for which Spotless was tendering.


Demetriou’s nephew set up Acquire in Australia after successfully trying the same scam in the UK and he asked his uncle to head the Australian franchise.

Interesting how this has been covered by the various media outlets. The Age (Independent, Always-Really!!) covers the Federal Court judgement, but doesn’t mention any of the office holders, funny that. C Wilson intervention?

The AFR and News Ltd place Vlad and nephew Tim (COO) and Founder member at the centre of the rort. If you google Tim Demetriou, first article that comes up is the 2016 BRW Young Rich List which shows his wealth at $84M up from $70M in 2015. Oz taxpayers are very generous.

On 10th May 2017, C Wilson, in an article on Carlton losing $1M in sponsorship, wrote "Demetriou added contrary to previous reports he was not a director with Acquire Learning’. The AFR describes Vlad as " former chairman of Acquire’s advisory committee who oversaw his nephew Tim as Chief Operations Officer. News Ltd states he was Acquire’s chairman.

Looks like Wilson is still doing PR for Vlad. Perhaps they futures are forever linked by the ASADA stitch up.


Surely this is against some form of consumer law?

Sure is against the consumer law. That’s why the ACCC took Acquire to court and they were fined $4.5 million


Apologies for a ridiculously long post!

I watched a 30 for 30 called “Fantastic Lies” on ESPN this evening. It looked at the story of a sexual assualt claim by an African American women against members of the Duke University Lacrosse team. I watched it with my wife (Collingwood Supporter) who really doesn’t watch a lot of sport but saw that there were crime elements in a show on a sports channel. That got her interest. It was an engaging story, and one that automatically reminded me of the injustice served by the 34 Essendon Football Club players. To summarise, a young woman who was working as a stripper made rape allegations against a group of Duke Uni Lacrosse players. The story centres on an overly aggressive Police Force, (who didn’t obtain any evidence or facts to suggest a rape had occurred), and a lawyer who took the case on but not for the right reasons. The lawyer had an ulterior motive as he was trying to get elected as the District Attorney, and thought he could use the African American vote in the area (he ended up winning the election). The story BLEW UP (I can vaguely remember it when it happened 10 or so years ago) and the mainstream media ran a “guilty until proven innocent” campaign in the paper. The victim identified 3 young men as the perpetrators, and they were put through hell for 370 days. The Lacrosse team were banned for the season. The coach had to resign. The students at Duke ran protests and smear campaigns against the alleged. As you can tell by the title of the episode it was all based on a lie, and was a story made up by a women with serious mental health issues. She is currently serving a 2nd Degree Murder sentence for killing her partner. The Detective who was in charge of the investigation left the force 2 years later and committed suicide 6 years after that. The lawyer lost his license and was jailed. The 3 alleged didn’t take part in the documentary (their parents did though) and you could clearly see that the collateral damage caused by these “fantastic lies” was everlasting.

My wife watched it all with me, and she was disgusted. She just couldn’t get her head around the fact that there were so many people in positions of power who knew what they were doing was wrong, but they continued anyway. That they thought that they could get away with it, that they were smarter than the truth.
I’ll be honest, I’ve butted heads with my wife over the Sorry Saga numerous times. It got to the point where we just couldn’t talk about it, and that’s not healthy for a relationship. It was a sore point which affected my enjoyment of footy and that in turn affected her enjoyment of it too. I took a risk and mentioned that this doco had similarities to the Essendon situation, that people will protect their own interests at the expense of others, that 3 innocent men had to put up with over a year of false allegations just like 34 athletes having to deal with over 4 years of lies and untruths. I mentioned that these 3 men were lucky. They were able to clear their names (eventually). At this stage the 34 are not. We have a government, a sporting body and the big end of town trying to prevent the truth coming out. My wife actually listened to me, didn’t argue with me and I could feel that she was finally realising that i’m not a one eyed raving lunatic supporter who cares more about protecting his club than getting the truth out! It felt great.

I believe it was 11 years ago that this incident occurred. It shows that we need to keep fighting and we need to get the truth out there. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Perhaps ESPN will run a 30 for 30 on the Saga in 10 years time. Who knows!


To be fair though zantuck all of us who frequent this thread are one eyed raving lunatic supporters, but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Anyway well done for converting a non believer and I hope the makeup sex was wild.


Its a great doco about a great injustice. And yes the similarities to EFC are marked.


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