Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”

ASADA publishes a guide to the whereabouts rules on its site, with the caveat that, in the event of an inconsistency between the guide and ASADA policy, the policy prevails. But where to find the policy?
The whereabouts rules seem to be based on a presumption that athletes are predisposed to cheating.
For instance:

  • Long distance travel may be entered, but boarding pass and other proof of travel required.
  • Last minute changes are only acceptable in unforeseen circumstances ; overuse may be investigated
  • three misfilings in one year could lead to a violation.

Yet the CEO of ASADA emphasises intelligence as the most effective tool in chasing down dopers That intelligence may be be obtained through ASADA smart phone hacking.


So phone hacking for ASADA is legal now!

That is a very handy tool. Can in the hacking process, the phone message say exactly what they want to hear? Could this be another way of cooking the evidence?

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Beckie Scott, Chair WADA Athletes Committee, said in an interview after her final speech:

“For me, I felt that I was here as a representative of the athletes. And they’re not part of this club"

Last year, Scott resigned her position from the agency’s compliance committee, disgusted with its decision to reinstate Russia’s banned anti-doping committee in exchange for a promise of receiving data from its Moscow lab.

That data, received past a deadline WADA set and under conditions the agency had originally deemed unacceptable, has been tampered with; next week, the same committee Scott resigned from will deliver another recommendation about Russia’s fate.

But, Scott said, she stayed on in the athlete-representative role, “because I thought it was a cause worth fighting for.”

It has not been easy for her.
She has now resigned from that role.


Hmmm… WADA Athletes Committee.

If you have a question regarding WADA’s Athlete Committee, please send your inquiry to Stacy Spletzer-Jegen ([email protected]), WADA’s Senior Manager, Athlete Relations & Communications.

[email protected]

WADA (aka IOC) selects the athletes for that Committee, just as Sharpe selected the athletes for the ASADA athletes advisory group.
Steering clear of any athlete Union, let alone sports federations.


Without a warrant, it can hack locked smartphones and passwords.
Waiting for the development of a GPS implant for athletes, would save them all that red tape and potential wherabouts violations.
And ASADA can supplement its own intelligence with that of the ACIC, AFP, Borderforce, TGA and AHPRA, A’s well as AFL. If athletes are out of the country, it can ask another agency to test.
Criminals in need Australia would be subject to less surveillance.


Dae Blitzer,

The Essendon Football Club will hold its 146th Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) at 6.30pm sharp on Thursday 5 December 2019 at the Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands. (Registrations from 5.30pm.) The full notice of AGM is available from the Club’s website by clicking here.

This year, the AGM will once again be held in conjunction with the annual Members’ Forum, providing a platform to hear from the senior leaders within the organisation, as well as gain members’ feedback.

Please note that this event is limited to 2019 and 2020 members of the Club.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Club and we hope that you are able to join us at this year’s AGM.

Yours sincerely

Michael Abrahams
Company Secretary


Anyone game to ask why ASADA has the EFC in its pocket while others feel free to criticise?


The club has had the necessary evidence for a long time as demonstrated in this letter.

15 December 2015


I can’t imagine anyone has had a worse first day as a boss than Lindsay Tanner has had as the new Essendon chairman. When he was in politics he kissed babies. Today he kissed arses – the AFL’s, WADA’s and the media’s.

I can’t recall Tanner the politician ever commenting on a hypothetical question. But today he made the beginner’s mistake of commenting on what should or shouldn’t happen to Jobe Watson IF he is found guilty. Neither Tanner nor Essendon CEO should have contemplated the players being found guilty.

Tanner should have said Jobe Watson could not possibly be found guilty for the following reasons:

  1. The AFL/ASADA investigation was corrupted and therefore all evidence collected in that investigation should have been declared unusable because it was tainted. WADA should be severely censured for using tainted evidence in the CAS hearing.

  2. Melbourne compounding pharmacist Nima Alavi received a parcel from China labelled “Thymosin”. As there is no such substance as Thymosin the substance could have been Thymosin Alpha (which is not banned), Thymomodulin (which is not banned), Thymosin Beta-4 (which is banned) or an unknown substance.

  3. As neither Alavi, nor Stephen Dank, nor ASADA, nor WADA, nor the three Court of Arbitration for Sport panel members tested the Thymosin, no one knows what it was.

  4. Even if Dank wanted to administer the banned substance Thymosin Beta-4, he had no idea what he administered because he didn’t have it tested. Similarly, the three CAS members have no idea what the substance was. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to be confidently satisfied Job Watson and the other 33 players were administered the banned substance Thymosin Beta-4

  5. As WADA made no attempt to prove player 1 was administered Thymosin Beta-4, and as it made no attempt to prove players 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to 34 were administered Thymosin Beta-4 it is unforgivable CAS has taken this long to declare the players not guilty.

Bruce Francis


David Evans.

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Some unflattering media reports in the AFR, the Hun and the Australian ( those two behind paywall)

How’s the lame and pathetic excuse from Dixon about not having the wealth of Gerry Harvey to put some of his hard earned into Evans Dixon.
More like don’t put any money into this dog.
Not even some of that $19m the Directors took out of 2018 earnings - like 36.5% straight into their pockets.


The company owned by former Essendon boss David Evans has axed 100 workers as the company downsizes. The announcement follows the unveiling of its annual report, which makes for unpleasant reading.

Ellen Whinnett and Michael Warner , Herald Sun

The financial advice firm owned by former Essendon Football Club boss David Evans has laid off 100 staff in Australia as it unveiled an annual report awash with red ink.

Evans Dixon Limited reported its results for the financial year, with net revenue down 5 per cent to $212 million. The company’s earnings before tax and other expenses fell 26 per cent to $37.1 million, while the share dividend of eight cents was down 27 per cent on the previous year.

The company’s share price was trading at 87 cents on Monday, up from a low of 62 cents in August but dramatically down from the $2.50 price at which launched on the ASX in May last year.

Evans Dixon, the company owned by Alan Dixon (L) and David Evans, has made 100 redundancies as it reports a decline in net revenue.

Company CEO Peter Anderson said the company had reduced its staffing levels by 100 since April, and was downsizing its office space as he enforced new financial discipline on the firm, formed by a merger between financial advisory companies Evans & Partners and Dixon Advisory in 2017.

Mr Anderson, who was brought in to streamline the ailing company in April, said he believed Evans Dixon was well placed to improve its performance in coming years.

“We have closed non-core operations including Dixon Projects in Australia, scaled back operations in the US as the URF renovations pipeline runs off, ensured there is no duplication of support services as well as refined our non-customer facing services,’’ he said.

“These actions along with a number of other measures have allowed us to make significant expense reductions.’’

The URF is the publicly-listed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Evans Dixon which renovates and leases real estate in New Jersey and New York, but which has been performing badly for more than a year.

David Evans expressed his disappointment to shareholders, but ensures that changes are being made to reverse the decline.

Mr Evans told shareholders he was “acutely aware’’ the result had not been good enough and the outcome was disappointing.


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But he said the changes made to the business this year had made the company stronger.

“The share price performance of Evans Dixon over the period is of great disappointment to the Board and the management and all of us at Evans Dixon,’’ he said





Mr Evans said several factors had contributed to the “underperformance’’ including the poor returns on the URF and the Government’s royal commission into financial services.

“I am acutely aware that the year we have delivered is not good enough,’’ he said.

The man Mr Evans launched the business with, US-based Alan Dixon, was re-elected to the company board as non-executive director.

The Canberra-raised Mr Dixon, who is the company’s largest shareholder and was its CEO, resigned all executive positions with the company last month. He is closely associated with the URF businesses in the US, into which hundreds of Evans Dixon clients in Australia were encouraged to invest.

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TBF, times may be tough for Dixon, maybe could not afford the airfare to fly home for the AGM.
The IRS has lodged a tax case against him. In 2014 he lodged a case against the IRS, claiming around US$1.6m in tax refunds for 2014. And he reportedly donated US$300k to a US political campaign

That’s a real head scratcher.
Why would Dixon make donations to political interests of the Jersey Mayor, and the Jersey Mayor gets his holiday shack renovated by Dixon.

Dixon might be partners with Evans but what has he got to do with the 34?

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He’s the business partner of the guy who just about sank Essendon Football Club and threw a club legend under the bus because of poor decisions.
He and his partner floated a company on the ASX at $2.50 and it’s sinking too, down to 86c in less than 18 months, presumably because of poor decisions too.
It’s worth a post or two.


Did she not think to refer to that mysterious Russian voluntary contribution to the WADA budget, which just might have influenced the WADA position on Russia.? Did she raise objections to that? Did she raise objections to Big Pharma’s financial arrangements with WADA which served to place substances on the WADA banned list which were not covered by Big Phama’s patent holders ( like meldonimum)?
Did she raise objections to WADA’s erosion of athletes rights to justice, such as the retrospective application of WADA de novo rights at CAS.?
Probably not, as athletes have no rights to intervene in WADA decisions.


Mick Warner is one of the Hun’s accredited journos for that article. He is one of the Hun’’s sports reporters, not on the Hun’s financial team. Read that into what you will as to relevance to the saga ( does not just belong to the Evans thread on Blitz)


Get all that. Hes a crook who is partners with a crook who did all you said.
But what was he doing during the saga. Thats all I wanted to know.

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